HIPAA Compliant

Why You Must Consider HIPAA Compliant Digital Intake Forms

There are near-endless ways that customer resource management tools designed specifically for the healthcare industry can help your clinic improve your administration and care delivery, one of which is the streamlining of your new patient intake process. Patient intake is a notorious annoyance for clinic administrators, but CRM tools like MedicalCRM are changing that. By combining technologies like electronic document signature with unlimited storage and full HIPPA compliance, MedicalCRM makes it possible to completely rework your patient intake process, making it faster and easier for both your staff and your patients.В 


Traditional Intake is Time-Consuming

Intake is a time-consuming process for everyone involved, but it’s especially burdensome on your staff. The mountains of paperwork that have to be processed, verified, and stored with each new patient eats up a ton of valuable time that your administrative staff could use for any number of other tasks they run into throughout the day. Digital intake forms help reclaim a significant chunk of that time by eliminating the need for your staff to handle physical paperwork at all. That makes it far easier to process each individual form, to verify the included information, and to store the documents in the associated patient account right within the patient management area of the customer resource management software.В 



Paperwork doesn’t just take up a lot of time, it also takes up a lot of space. Physically storing intake paperwork, or any patient paperwork for that matter is incredibly inefficient. Not only does it take up an enormous amount of space in your office, but it also makes it a pain for your staff to quickly access files, and introduces the very real possibility of paperwork being incorrectly filed – a major headache for your staff and patients alike. Thanks to MedicalCRM’s built-in electronic signature function, all necessary intake forms can be sent out digitally, filled out digitally, legally signed digitally, and returned and stored digitally – a far more efficient way to handle the intake process.В 


Traditional Intake is a Burden on Patients

While intake paperwork is an annoyance for your staff, it’s also a huge pain for your patients. Nobody likes filling out forms, especially in cases where they’re sitting in a clinic waiting room doing them on a clipboard. Some offices send intake forms out digitally, but without eSignature, patients have to print all those forms out, fill them in, sign them, then somehow get them back into digital format to send them in, or carry them on the day of their first appointment to only find out then if they’ve been filled out correctly or not. HIPAA compliant digital intake forms solve all of those problems by letting your new patients handle their intake paperwork from the comfort of their own homes, completely on their own time, without ever having to print or scan a single page. The process is completely secure and helps ensure that the new patient’s first visit to your office won’t be a minute longer than it has to be.В 

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