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Why Do I Need Medical Scheduling Software?

Scheduling is unquestionably one of the most frequent and important tasks your staff handles on a daily basis. There are plenty of ways to handle it, and while most clinics have relatively good systems in place, many still use legacy technologies that leave a lot to be desired. Modern scheduling software offers a number of advantages both on the clinic and patient sides, and when incorporated with a larger customer resource management system, makes it possible for your admin staff to schedule more effectively while also reducing the amount of work that it takes to manage the process.  


How Scheduling Software Impacts Your Clinic

The importance of tight scheduling to your clinic’s success can’t be overstated. Wasted time is wasted money, and no-shows are incredibly costly. Worse still, bad scheduling can have an impact on the care you deliver, and there is no excuse for that. Good scheduling software keeps your clinic running like clockwork by making scheduling easier for your administrative staff to monitor and manage and easier for doctors to adhere to and keep on top of. It enables one or more of your administrative staff to manage both the clinic’s master calendar and the individual calendars of each doctor, and it integrates seamlessly with your existing systems to ensure every member of your team always knows what lies ahead. Most importantly, it ensures that your clinic’s time can be scheduled for both the best possible care delivery and maximum profitability. 


How Scheduling Software Impacts Your Patients

Your clinic’s operations and profitability aren’t the only areas scheduling has a major impact on; it also has a major impact on your patients. The most obvious is that if your scheduling is in shambles, it’ll negatively affect care delivery, but poor scheduling also eats away at one of your patients’ most valuable resources – their time. Rescheduling your patients’ appointments or, worse, forcing them to sit around and wait for long periods of time in your office’s waiting room are surefire ways to poison the overall experience. Not only does that make it more likely they won’t come back, sending attrition through the roof, it also kills the possibility of word-of-mouth referrals, arguably the most valuable source of advertising for your clinic. 


Utilizing Customer Resource Management Tools to Supercharge Scheduling

Stand-alone scheduling software does exist, but it’s of limited value because it only provides utility in one area. A far better option is to employ a complete customer resource management platform that encompasses scheduling as well as a wide variety of other operational tasks like patient management, billing, and more. MedicalCRM, the healthcare industry’s top customer resource management tool, includes a full scheduling and calendar management suite that enables your team to run a tighter ship with less effort than ever before. The platform fully integrates your existing Gmail or Outlook calendars and offers a number of valuable features including:

  • A task board to keep every member of your team apprised of their weekly tasks
  • Permissions-based editing allowing admin staff to manage each doctor’s calendar individually
  • Automatic patient notifications for improved appointment reminders and follow-ups
  • Cancellation and rescheduling via 2-way SMS messaging
  • Complete integration of the scheduling suite with the patient management suite


These represent just some of the many features included with MedicalCRM. For more information on how MedicalCRM can help your clinic maintain the tightest schedule possible, start your free trial.

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