Healthcare CRM Software

What to Look for in Healthcare CRM Software

Customer resource management technology is enjoying wide-spread adoption across the healthcare industry thanks to the many benefits it offers to clinic staff, doctors, and patients alike. But picking the right CRM software represents a technological investment that clinics can’t afford to approach without care. Luckily, there are a few specific areas that healthcare organizations can look to in order to determine whether or not a given CRM is appropriate: a design for healthcare environments, the suitability of productivity tools, and security and HIPAA compliance. Below, we’ll take a quick look at each and what they mean for the CRM selection process.В 


1) Healthcare-Specific Design

There is a sea of customer resource management platforms currently available on the market, and while many are excellent pieces of software, they aren’t all created equal – especially when it comes to healthcare applications. Most CRM software you’ll find is geared towards sales environments at business-to-business or business-to-consumer companies. Those platforms provide a lot of utility, and they will help your medical organization with some tasks, but they aren’t designed specifically for the healthcare industry.

Healthcare specific CRMs, like MedicalCRM, are designed with healthcare applications in mind and, specifically, with the best interests of patients and improved delivery of care as top priorities. Some healthcare CRMs are designed from the ground-up, and some are offshoots of more traditional CRMs, but in all cases, healthcare-specific platforms shift the customer-centric focus towards a patient-centric focus, and that shift makes a world of difference.В 


2) The Right Productivity Tools

Patient management is only one aspect of what a medical CRM can provide to your clinic. The other side of the equation is the full suite of productivity tools designed to help administrators and staff with day-to-day operations. Again, it’s important to look for productivity features geared towards healthcare that will help with your clinic’s specific needs in order to extract the most value possible.В 

Does your team struggle with intake paperwork? Advanced tools like MedicalCRM provide complete form libraries, as well as electronic signature functionality to enable your team to send off and retrieve legally signed paperwork completely digitally. Are no-shows a problem for your clinic? Look for modern scheduling and reminder tools like MedicalCRM’s SMS scheduling capabilities. Regardless of which CRM you select, it’s worth doing some research to ensure it includes the tools necessary to meet the unique challenges your team faces.В 


3) HIPAA Compliance

A big part of what makes medical CRM technology so powerful is how easy it makes it for doctors to store, manage, access, and even share patient health information. But anytime patient records are in play, it’s crucial that HIPAA compliance and the privacy and security of those records be made absolute top priorities.

Healthcare-specific CRM companies take HIPAA very seriously, because, as third-party vendors, they act as HIPAA business associates. MedicalCRM, for instance, uses Amazon’s most secure HIPAA-compliant AWS solution for record storage and also provides a fully HIPAA-compliant internal chat platform to ensure that conversations and records shared between doctors within the CRM are completely protected. When selecting a CRM, it’s important to ensure that HIPAA compliance and patient privacy and security considerations are adequately addressed.В 


For more information on MedicalCRM’s full suite of healthcare-oriented patient management and productivity features, visit now. Sign up for a free demonstration of the software, or better yet, start your free trial start to begin putting MedicalCRM to work in your clinic today!В 

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