Doctors Office to Text Patients

The Best Systems for Doctors Office to Text Patients for Appointments

Text messaging is the communication method of choice of an entire generation, and it’s also an extremely effective way to get in touch with patients thanks to high open and engagement rates. As a result, clinics all over the country are turning to SMS systems for doctor’s appointment reminders, follow-up communications, and more. But not all SMS platforms are created equal, so it’s important to understand what each type of solution has to offer in order to ensure maximized utility with minimized costs and impact on operations.В 

Mobile Text Solutions

Perhaps the most obvious solution is for a clinic to have a mobile phone it uses specifically to send out SMS messages. Unfortunately, that’s also the most time-consuming and cumbersome method, by far. For one thing, it requires the purchase of dedicated hardware for the clinic, as well as the expense of a monthly plan or reloadable pay-as-you-go credits. Additionally, it means staff members have to manually compose each and every message, and even with the use of preset templates, that represents a major headache. So, while texting directly from a mobile device certainly is an option, it’s probably both the least efficient and most expensive option a clinic could choose.В 


Browser-Based Solutions

A more elegant solution than a dedicated office cell phone is browser-based SMS messaging. These web messaging services, like ClickSend and Twilio SMS, enable users to compose and receive text messages from within any standard web browser by logging in to an online SMS dashboard. These online SMS tools are far more efficient than manual messaging because they allow messages to be sent in bulk, pre-scheduled, and to be drafted and sent from essentially anywhere. They offer both inbound and outbound messaging and are generally relatively affordable, with per-message rates generally under a cent each depending on volume.В 

While web-based SMS solutions are more efficient, they still carry some significant drawbacks. The first is that they aren’t free, and even small costs can add up over time. The second is that they require employees to use the dedicated SMS portal – one more system and log in to be managed and juggled throughout the day.В 


CRM-Based Solutions

CRM-based solutions represent all of the functionality of web-based solutions, with none of the usability drawbacks of either dedicated mobile phones or web-based messaging. These cloud-based SMS tools are built directly into their parent customer resource management platforms, making them far more convenient than stand-alone solutions. Certain CRM-based tools, like the SMS suite built into MedicalCRM, offer clinics the ability to send and receive appointment reminders and communications via SMS, both in real-time or with prescheduled templates, all from directly within the same tool used for patient support, scheduling, billing, marketing, and much more. Best of all MedicalCRM’s plans come with a minimum of 10,000 SMS credits included, meaning there is no additional cost to sending texts through the CRM.В 

For more information on MedicalCRM’s built-in SMS messaging suite and how it can revolutionize your clinic’s handling of patient reminders and follow-up communications, schedule a free guided demonstration today.В 

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