The Advantages of Utilizing a Healthcare CRM In Your Medical Clinic

The Advantages of Utilizing a Healthcare CRM In Your Medical Clinic

Customer resource management software has revolutionized the way businesses across all industries handle their customer-facing operations and communications. But CRM tools work equally well in the medical field, and healthcare-specific CRMs can not only improve your clinic’s operations but also the quality of care you deliver to your patients as well. From patient management to payments to scheduling and beyond, the list of advantages a CRM can offer to your clinic is enormous.

Improve Patient Management with Digital Records

A good healthcare CRM turns each patient account into a digital chart, storing all of the relevant information you have on each patient in a single, centralized location. That offers an enormous number of benefits to all areas of clinic operation and, more importantly, to the delivery of patient care. High-end CRMs like MedicalCRM automatically track many of the important details of each and every patient interaction, whether on the phone, in person, via email, or even over text. They also make it easy for doctors to quickly add custom notes or upload imagery or documentation. That ensures both doctors and staff always have access to the most complete information possible on both a patient’s medical history and their history as a paying customer. 


Get Paid Faster with Integrated Invoicing and Electronic Payments

Quickly collecting on copays and deductibles is a key part of maintaining your clinic’s financial health, and a healthcare CRM with integrated payment handling is one of the most effective tools available to perform that task. Faster payment starts with faster invoicing, and a full-featured CRM like MedicalCRM will offer your clinic fully integrated billing tools that allow you to quickly and easily send customized invoices to your patients within minutes. Built-in electronic payment processing then makes it easier than ever for patients to settle their bills via credit card or ACH payment either on your website or even right over the phone. The result is faster payments, less time spent chasing after accounts, and better overall financial health.


Save Time and Make Your Administrative Staff’s Lives Easier

Customer resource management is all about finding ways to work smarter and to streamline or automate the tasks that eat up your staff’s time unnecessarily. That applies to medical clinics as much as it does any other business, and adopting a good CRM in your clinic has the potential to streamline everything from your calendar management to your email communications to your marketing, appointment management, document management, and more.  The time your team saves each day will allow them to spend more time focused on patient care and less time focused on busywork. 


Improve Scheduling and Minimize No-Shows

No-shows are costly. They disrupt your scheduling and waste valuable time that should be dedicated to delivering patient care and generating revenue. The right healthcare CRM can significantly reduce no-shows by supercharging your appointment management and patient reminder processes – not only ensuring patients are more likely to remember their appointments, but also making them a part of the scheduling process. MedicalCRM automates your outgoing patient reminders and follow-ups, sending emails, text, or delivering phone calls in whatever intervals you choose. The two-way SMS also enables your patients to quickly and easily cancel or reschedule their appointments with a quick text that will automatically notify your staff directly through the CRM. 

If you’re ready to find out more about how customer resource management software can help you, get in touch with a member of the MedicalCRM team now. We’d be happy to provide you with a full demo of the many features and benefits MedicalCRM can offer to your clinic and to answer all of your questions about how MedicalCRM can help boost your growth today. 

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