• Voice-to-text enables writing up to three times faster than typing

  • Tedious data entry like filling out long forms becomes easier than ever

  • Eliminate the frustration and rework associated with human-error related typos

  • Write more elegantly by utilizing a more intuitive way to get your thoughts on the page

  • Say goodbye to awkward on-screen mobile keyboards

Accurate Speech-to-Text
Easy to Use

Accurate Speech-to-Text

Clear communication is absolutely crucial in medicine, and written information is at the core of good patient care and record-keeping. Whether it's a doctor writing a post-op report, an administrator performing important data entry, or an assistant transcribing shorthand notes into longhand text, the value of accurate, professional communication can't be overstated. MedicalCRM's speech-to-text feature is designed to make that written communication more accurate and more efficient – something especially beneficial for doctors who struggle at the keyboard. The system couldn't be simpler to use. A microphone – whether built-in, part of a phone-operators headset, or a stand-alone unit – is all that's required. The clearer the mic, the better the results will be, but even the embedded microphone in a laptop or monitor will work! Once it has input, the software can take notes for you up to 3x faster than you can type, right out of the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

The software offers easy to use commands to erase words, lines, and entire paragraphs should you want to reform your thoughts. In the rare cases where the software misidentifies what you said, you can also still use your keyboard as normal to make corrections should you choose to.

Absolutely! The speech-to-text function will work with any editable form or document. If you can type in it with your keyboard, you can use the speech recognition feature as well. That's what the speech-to-text feature does – it supplements your keyboard as an input device, meaning it isn't limited by any specific software or document types, just like your keyboard.