Preloaded Medical Forms

Save Time with MedicalCRM’s Preloaded Medical Forms

Form creation and management can be a huge hassle for your administrative staff, especially using common tools like Microsoft Office. Creating forms is straightforward enough if the only goal is to print them out, but for clinics looking to create forms with features like on-screen editing or electronic signature, things become a lot more complicated. Luckily, there is no need to saddle your administrative staff with the task of creating and managing your clinic’s form library, because MedicalCRM comes equipped with a preloaded library of 15 of the most common medical forms.В 

MedicalCRM’s medical form templates are ready-to-use right out of the CRM and are also easily editable for clinics looking to add logos and branding or to customize fields to collect different kinds of information. The forms can be easily printed out or filled out on the computer by your patients right from the comfort of their own homes. They even incorporate electronic signature functionality so that they can be legally signed digitally with no need for printing or scanning. The result is less busywork and fewer headaches for your administrative staff, and more convenience for your patients.В 


Common Forms Included in MedicalCRM

Patient Intake Forms:

New patient intake can be a real headache for your staff since there is a ton of paperwork to be handled, including first visit forms, medical history forms, and more. With MedicalCRM, your team can print or email the requisite forms easily from right within the CRM, making at least one part of the intake process a breeze.В 

HIPAA Release Forms:

The HIPAA privacy rule is designed to protect patients’ personal information and restrict the use of their protected health information (PHI). As a result, there are a number of instances – from using PHI to market to patients to releasing PHI to research agencies – that require HIPAA authorization forms. MedicalCRM includes a thorough HIPAA authorization, including all the relevant fields necessary for a valid release under the HIPAA privacy rule.В 

Patient Symptom Questionnaires:

Patient symptom questionnaires are a key tool in determining what ailments a patient is suffering from, and many clinics will utilize different questionnaires depending on the type of care being delivered. Unfortunately, questionnaires, with their many fields, checkboxes, and multiple-choice questions, are time-consuming to create. That’s why MedicalCRM includes an easily editable patient questionnaire that can be easily used as-is or edited to suit any clinic’s individual needs.В 

Test Requisitions:

Test request and requisition forms are used on a daily basis and are often densely packed with fields and options. MedicalCRM makes creating and managing requisition forms easy by including preloaded forms covering all of the most common tests doctors regularly request, including bloodwork, urinalysis, and more.В 


MedicalCRM’s built-in form library is just one of the many productivity-boosting features packed into the healthcare industry’s leading customer resource management tool. It also includes tools for digital patient chart management, copayment collection, intraoffice communication, telephone, email and SMS patient reminders, and much more. For more information on how MedicalCRM can reduce your team’s workload, streamline your workflows, and help you deliver the best patient care possible, visit and contact us today.

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