• Provide your patients with easy online access to MedicalCRM's patient portal

  • White label solution means your patients will see only your clinic's branding

  • Give your patients a way to interact with your clinic from home, even after hours

  • Reduces the time and resources associated with handling high volumes of service-related calls during clinic hours

  • Set up support email to automatically generate support tickets tied to patient accounts

  • Automatically alert staff and update status as a ticket moves towards resolution

  • Set internal service-level agreements for varying ticket types

  • Streamline your staff's customer support workflows

  • Enable your staff to resolve patient issues faster than ever

Patient Service
Built-In Ticket System

Offer An Unparalleled Patient Service

Responding to your patients' questions, concerns, and problems is the key to good service, and MedicalCRM makes it easier than ever to handle your patients' issues quicker, easier, and more effectively than ever before. The built-in support ticketing system enables you to manually generate support tickets for patient issues or to automate the process by setting up a support address that instantly generates a support ticket as soon as your patients send in an email. The support ticket is automatically tied to the relevant patient account, so your staff can easily reference it and monitor changes. As your team tackles the issue and moves through the resolution process, MedicalCRM will automatically update the ticket status. You can even set the system up to automatically alert your support staff to any changes. Not only does MedicalCRM's ticketing system make it easier for your staff to deliver unparalleled levels of service, it also streamlines the work involved, making their jobs easier while improving the results of their work.

Ticketing Window
White-Labeled Portal

Provide Your Patients with Access to a Fully Branded Portal

Your clinic has set operating hours, but the patient needs don't take breaks. MedicalCRM's patient portal allows you to offer your patients a way to interact with your clinic right from home, at any time of the day, regardless of whether your staff is in the office or not. Knowing they can easily log in to your patient portal whenever they need to get in contact with you provides your patients with invaluable peace of mind, and also helps reduce your staff's workload. With MedicalCRM, rather than dealing with a flood of phone calls when your clinic opens, your staff can handle recently submitted requests and issues at a pace that makes sense, all from within the CRM – a far more efficient way to work. The system is totally white-labeled, meaning you can easily upload your clinic's logo, and patients will only ever see your branding, not ours.

Frequently Asked Questions

It couldn't be easier. All you need to do to begin accepting support tickets is to assign a specific email address within MedicalCRM to handle inbound support requests. The patient portal is also a breeze to set up, with brand skinning as simple as a couple of clicks to upload your logo, and access to the portal provided to an unlimited number of patients through a simple login URL.

Handling large volumes of inbound phone calls is incredibly inefficient, which is one reason many clinics have specific phone hours, after which calls go right to voicemail – another inefficient medium. Email works well, but on the patient end, the lack of immediate response can be disheartening. MedicalCRM's patient portal and ticketing system solves both of those problems by eliminating inefficient time usage on the clinic-end and giving your patients a system that updates them as their tickets move towards resolution, providing peace of mind.