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Patient Relationship Management vs. Customer Relationship Management: The Similarities That Make CRM Software so Valuable for Healthcare

Customer relationship management (CRM) technology has become an indispensable tool for the sales and support staff in almost every industry, including healthcare. But many healthcare professionals remain unclear on how technology designed to help salespeople can be of benefit to their practices. The reality is, there are a number of parallels between sales and healthcare, and many of the goals CRM platforms help businesses accomplish translate directly to clinics and healthcare organizations.В 


Providing Better Service

One of the primary goals of customer relationship management is utilizing technology to provide better service to both prospects and existing customers. The advanced recordkeeping and quick data access provided by CRM tools make it easy to keep tabs on every interaction with a lead or customer, ensuring an unbroken chain of high-end service that drives closes and repeat business.В 

In the healthcare field, medical CRM tools utilized for patient management provide not only elevated service quality but elevated quality of care as well. That’s because the same technology that makes it possible to easily manage, track, and access customer data also work as a digital chart, allowing all of a patient’s medical records, forms, releases, and imagery to be stored in a single secure, user-friendly platform. That makes it easier for doctors and support staff to quickly and efficiently access all of the pertinent information they need in just a few clicks.В 


Building Long-Term Relationships

In sales, transactional selling styles where the goal is to get the customer in and out as quickly as possible have all but gone extinct. That’s because businesses understand that maximizing the lifetime value of a customer is the key to long-term success. Turning a customer into a lifetime source of revenue is all about long-term relationship building, and customer resource management technology is ideally suited to doing that.В 

In the medical field, patient retention is among the top priorities of essentially all successful clinics. Customer resource management technology bolsters patient retention efforts first and foremost by enabling an elevated level of care, as mentioned above. But beyond that, CRM technology provides better communication, ensuring patients always feel heard, and that an unbroken channel of patient-clinic contact can be kept open. Advanced tools like MedicalCRM even include an online patient portal, ensuring the patient-clinic relationship can be nurtured even during off-hours.В 


Streamlining Operations

CRM platforms improve all customer-facing aspects of the sales process, but they also provide productivity tools designed to streamline day-to-day operations, automating as much busy work as possible so that administrative staff can reclaim lost time and better direct their efforts and resources. From communications to scheduling to billing, a good CRM enables an office to run as smoothly as possible, leading to higher productivity, lower costs, and boosted profitability.В 

Medical clinics can benefit greatly from exactly the same efficiency improvements. From mountains of paperwork to phones that don’t stop ringing to the constant reshuffling of schedules, clinic administrators, and frontline staff constantly struggle with the burdens that come along with a busy practice. Customer resource management technology can bring the majority of those tasks into a single, user-friendly platform, automating tasks where possible and making the ones that can’t be automated easier.В 


MedicalCRM – the healthcare industry’s leading customer resource management platform – is packed full of productivity and patient management tools designed specifically to help clinics operate more efficiently and provide a higher level of care to each and every patient. To find out more about how MedicalCRM can help your practice, visit to schedule a demo or start your free trial today!

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