An Easy-To-Use Management Tool

Improve Staff Efficiency

  • Unlimited patient accounts mean MedicalCRM is ready to grow with your practice, no matter how large your patient roster becomes

  • Automatically log all communications to each patient's account for complete situational awareness

  • Securely store unlimited patient data within the system for easy access from patient account pages

  • Launch calls, emails, and SMS messages from inside a patient's account with just a few clicks

  • Appointment board helps doctors and staff manage their appointments and tasks for the week

  • Patient accounts help staff organize patient information quicker and more effectively

  • Advanced staff metrics provide management with insight into how time is being used and where productivity improvements are available

  • MedicalCRM brings all tasks into a central location, streamlining workflow and boosting overall office productivity

  • Staff can send and receive signed documents digitally, right through MedicalCRM

  • Any form can be easily mapped to accept e-signatures in as little as a few minutes

  • Enables paperwork to be filled out from home and processed ahead of appointments

  • В Improves your staff's paperwork handling efficiency and reduces delays caused by incomplete forms, shortening in-office patient wait times, improving the overall patient experience

Patient Form CRM
Easily Managed Patient Accounts

Patient Management Revolutionized

MedicalCRM's patient management tools put all relevant patient data just a few clicks away, making it faster and easier for your staff to manage the information they need to ensure ideal patient experiences, both in-clinic and out. With MedicalCRM, each patient's account serves as their digital chart, enabling doctors and staff to enter, attach, and store everything from vital information, to documents like consent forms, to scanner imagery, and any other relevant data. MedicalCRM is a completely secure system, so that stored data is always fully protected from outside threats, ensuring unmatched patient privacy.

Digital Signature
Improve Your Staff's Efficiency

Save Time with Electronic Signatures

Filling out paperwork and securing necessary signatures is time-consuming, and improperly filled out paperwork is an enormous source of wasted time. MedicalCRM includes secure electronic signature capability, allowing your staff to send and receive signed paperwork from directly within the CRM. That means rather than have to wait for patients to fill out their paperwork in-clinic, the paperwork can be sent to them at home and retrieved, fully signed, all digitally. That not only enables your patients to handle dense paperwork in a comfortable environment, it also reduces in-office wait times and congestion and gives your staff a chance to review paperwork in advance, minimizing rework.

MedicalCRM Metrics
Keep Everything Under Control

Increase Productivity with Advanced Staff Metrics

A big part of ensuring a perfect patient experience is creating an office that runs like clockwork, and the key to good office management is being tuned in to your staff's workflows and activities. MedicalCRM provides you with the ability to easily generate a set of advanced reports documenting important metrics on staff activities and performance. You can monitor your staff's call times, appointments set, emails handled, patient notes, and much more. The result is a deeper understanding of how your office is running and the ability to identify areas that are both working well and in need of productivity improvements.

Appointment Board
Helps Your Staff Keep on Top of Duties

Built-In Appointment Board

MedicalCRM isn't just designed to help you with management functions; it's also designed to help all doctors and staff manage their workloads and streamline their handling of tasks and duties. MedicalCRM's built-in appointment board is a weekly productivity dashboard that can be organized by employee or by responsibility, enabling staff to easily manage and monitor information on their set, seen, confirmed and rescheduled appointments, and to prioritize and easily access the most important items on their to-do lists in as little as a single click. This powerful tool makes it easier for your team to manage their time and their tasks, with that smoother operation reflected in the quality of your patients' experience with your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patient privacy and data security are top priorities at MedicalCRM. Our system uses the most secure AWS storage available, with 24/7 monitoring by dedicated security teams and regular penetration testing to ensure all aspects of the system – both front and back-end – are fully secured against all potential threats.

Absolutely! MedicalCRM includes a full billing and payments suite, enabling your staff to send invoices, set-up recurring billing, and accept credit card and eCheck payments, all from within the same platform they use for patient management, communications, and all other office tasks.