Full suite of communication tools

Advanced Office Productivity

  • One-click patient calling or no-click automatic dialing for lists

  • Automatic call logging to relevant patient accounts

  • IVR call routing ensures efficient inbound call dispersion among multiple front-desk staff

  • One-click voicemail drop ensures efficient movement through call lists

  • Call recording, playback, and real-time listen-in enable managers to verify call quality

  • Inbound calls automatically bring up relevant patient information on-screen

  • Integrate your Gmail or Outlook for Office 365 accounts, including calendars, and handle all email from within MedicalCRM

  • Setup email to handle incoming support requests to automatically generate help tickets

  • Email marketing tools enable custom emails to be scheduled and automatically sent to patients

  • All email communications and attachments are automatically tied to relevant patient accounts and can be easily referenced in the future

  • Reach patients through text messages, the medium of choice for a growing segment of the population

  • SMS messages are high-engagement, and delivery directly to a patient's phone means they won't be missed

  • MedicalCRM enables both outbound and inbound SMS and alerts users when new messages are received from patients

  • Enable SMS scheduling to enable patients to confirm and reschedule via text, reducing your staff's workload

Built-In Phone System
Built-In Phone System

Maximize Calling Efficiency

MedicalCRM's phone system enables your staff to make outgoing calls with a single click, while simultaneously giving them easy access to the relevant data of the patients they're calling. Its unparalleled efficiency enables your team to make up three-times as many patient calls, supercharging your office's productivity.

When a patient calls into your office, MedicalCRM's dialer will automatically recognize the number and open an incoming call screen with the relevant patient vitals and easy access to the patient's file. That means your staff can greet incoming calls personally and pull up patient information as quickly as possible, ensuring a smoother, more personal call experience for your patients and more efficient call handling for your staff.

Chat Window DR HIPAA
HIPAA Compliant Live Chat

Centralize Internal Communications with Office-wide Medical Chat

Information silos are a surefire way to hinder productivity and efficiency. MedicalCRM includes a built-in medical chat platform that enables your team to centralize all internal clinic communication within the CRM. The result is easier access to information and clearer, more open communication among your staff. You can create groups within the chat platform to cater to specific teams, instantly share files and images with group members or the general chat community, and quickly look up information with an extremely fast search function.

SMS Medical Messaging
SMS Messaging

Automate Appointment Management

MedicalCRM's revolutionary appointments automation enables your patients to schedule, re-schedule, and confirm their own appointments via text message, taking work that can be easily automated off your staff's hands and providing your patients with maximum convenience. You can also use outbound SMS messages to automatically send appointment reminders directly to your patients' phones, minimizing missed appointments. Sending outbound text messages is fast and simple, and all inbound text messages automatically generate an alert so that your staff will never miss a message or an update to an appointment. All messages are automatically saved to the relevant patient account, ensuring an up-to-date and easily accessible record of all communications.

Inbound and Outbound Email from one Central Location
Gmail and Outlook integration

Handle All Inbound and Outbound Email from one Central Location

MedicalCRM enables your team to bring all their inbound and outbound email activities into the system thanks to its full email suite, including Gmail and Outlook integration. The result is fewer logins and fewer platforms to manage, minimizing the time your employees spend jumping between accounts. You can also manage self-hosted email on your own domain through the platform, including customer support email that automatically integrates with the built-in helpdesk. Bringing email into the same platform as your patient management also makes it easier for your staff to locate information and attachments while composing messages, ensuring both accuracy and efficiency in their communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

By default, outbound text messages will send from whichever number is set as the main office number. For clients with multiple phone numbers saved into the system, the number that texts go out from can be selected by the user as with the local presence feature.

Yes! MedicalCRM includes a voice recognition feature that allows you to use highly accurate speech-to-text to transcribe meeting notes, compose emails, and fill in documents up to three times faster than manually typing them out!

Absolutely. In addition to call recording and playback, with MedicalCRM you can listen in on any of your staff's calls to ensure the telephone experience being delivered to your patients meets your expectations and follows all necessary regulations.