The Best HIPAA-Compliant CRM Software

MedicalCRM – The Best HIPAA-Compliant CRM Software to Help Your Practice Grow

The use of customer resource management software is becoming widely adopted across the healthcare industry, as the same benefits that make CRM platforms so beneficial to consumer-facing businesses also apply to most healthcare organizations. From patient care to in-office productivity, CRM software can improve almost all aspects of clinic management, and MedicalCRM – the industry’s leading customer resource management platform – is specifically designed to tackle the problems and challenges faced by medical organizations on a daily basis.В 


Patient Relationship Management

MedicalCRM’s built-in patient management tools make it easier than ever to maintain accurate, thorough patient records and to ensure each patient receives the personalized service they deserve. MedicalCRM’s patient accounts act as a type of digital chart, storing all relevant patient information, forms, history, and imagery. That means doctors will always have access to the information they need to provide the best possible care, and clinic support staff will never have to keep a patient waiting while they search for relevant information. Follow-ups are also made easy thanks to MedicalCRM’s ability to preschedule calls or emails to go out at certain time intervals before or after patient appointments or procedures. User permissions can be set to ensure protected health information is protected from staff that don’t need to see it, and MedicalCRM uses the most secure, HIPAA compliant Amazon AWS storage solution to ensure all stored medical information is fully protected from outside threats.В 


Daily Operations and Clinic Management

In addition to revolutionizing the way your clinic manages patient information, MedicalCRM also includes a full host of productivity tools designed to help streamline your daily operations and make life easier for your management and support staff. The communication suite brings all of your office’s calling, email, and even SMS messaging into a single platform. That makes it far easier for your staff to send out patient reminders, communicate with other healthcare organizations, and even perform marketing tasks. MedicalCRM also includes a fully HIPAA-compliant internal chat application designed to knock down information silos and make it easier for doctors to securely exchange important information relevant to ensuring patients get the right care. MedicalCRM’s billing and payments suite make it easier than ever for your staff to send out invoices and accept copays and insurance payments electronically. The platform also includes a built-in form library that enables your team to send out common forms like HIPAA authorizations and patient intake forms and retrieve them, fully signed, with zero printing, copying, scanning required. The included power dialer replaces your clinic’s entire phone system, enabling you to ditch your monthly phone bill, reducing clinic costs, and boosting profitability.В 


Service Plans to Suit Clinics of All Sizes

MedicalCRM is designed to easily scale, and the platform is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from the smallest single-doctor clinics to the largest hospitals. MedicalCRM plans start at just $800 per month for single-doctor clinics and range up to fully customized solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the largest healthcare organizations. All plans come with full access to every one of MedicalCRM’s industry-leading productivity and patient management features, making MedicalCRM an easy choice for clinics looking to benefit from everything customer resource management has to offer.В 


For more information on MedicalCRM’s full list of features and our three low-priced service plans, visit today. You can also book a free demonstration of the platform, or better yet, start your free trial today to begin experiencing the many benefits medical customer resource management can bring to your clinic’s operations.В 

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