Medical Software Company MedicalCRM Releases HIPAA Compliant Chat Client to Break Down Intra-Clinic Information Silos

Strong communication is one of the keys to success in essentially all fields, but in the medical field, clear and efficient transmission can determine the quality and appropriateness of a patient’s care – a potentially life and death situation. Traditional communication methods like telephone calls and email are cumbersome and time-consuming, and as a result, companies across a wide variety of industries have started moving to chat clients to streamline things. MedicalCRM offers just such a chat client, fully integrated within the CRM to make it easier than ever for your staff to enjoy the productivity and information-sharing benefits of chat right from within the same platform used for all other administrative and patient management tasks.В В 


Improve Intra-Office Communications and Information Sharing

There are many scenarios in which multiple doctors or staff members at your clinic will need to collaborate to ensure a patient receives the best care possible. Unfortunately, traditional methods of communication like email, phone calls, and face-to-face chat often result in a failure to communicate all necessary and pertinent information between parties. These information silos make it so that only certain members of the team have easy access to certain pieces of information, and the information asymmetry that results can have a very negative impact on care.В 

MedicalCRM’s internal chat platform centralizes your intraoffice communications within your CRM. The chat client is a great tool for office-wide communication, but it also allows for specific groups to be set up so that smaller teams can maintain communication on specific issues where only certain members have a need for access to sensitive electronic health information (EHI). Within the chat, essentially any file type can be uploaded and sent, enabling records, imaging, notes, and more to be easily shared between doctors and ensuring no one with a need to know will ever be left in the dark.


Ensure Security and Privacy with Full HIPAA Compliance

As clinicians, you’re bound by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA for short. As partners providing you with technology services, we’re considered HIPAA “business associates,” and also have responsibilities under the act. That’s why MedicalCRM’s internal chat client is fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring your sensitive conversations will meet all requirements of HIPAA’s privacy and security rules.В 

In addition to being fully compliant under 45 CFR Parts 160 and 164, MedicalCRM also undergoes regular security checks and upgrades to ensure that every part of the system is fully walled off against even the most advanced threats. Regular penetration testing ensures we’re always on top of new exploits and keeps both the front and back ends of the system secure. With MedicalCRM’s HIPAA compliant chat, you can always be certain that your patients’ electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) is safe, and their privacy ensured.В 


Bring Your Whole Team on Board

MedicalCRM’s internal chat client isn’t just great for doctors exchanging information relating to patient care; it’s also an incredibly practical tool for administrators and office managers as well. Clinics of all sizes can benefit from internal chat, but it’s especially useful for large healthcare organizations like hospitals, where close physical proximity among team members isn’t always possible. By utilizing the fully-featured, centralized chat platform, your administrative staff can break down walls and foster transparent information flow ensuring smoother operations, with fewer headaches, and without the annoyance of “reply all” emails or constant phone calls.В 


HIPAA compliant internal chat is just one of the many productivity-boosting tools packed into MedicalCRM, the industry’s most advanced patient and clinic management tool. If you’d like to learn more about how MedicalCRM can improve your team’s communications, contact us to book a free demonstration of the platform or start your free trial today!

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