• On-screen display shows who is calling and links to patient profiles in the CRM

  • Easily place calls into a queue when all of your admin staff are on another line

  • Enable your staff to “triage” calls by selecting which to answer next from the hold queue

  • IVR system provides an automated initial response to help patients ensure their calls are routed appropriately

  • One-click dialing enables calls to be launched from directly within a patient's profile

  • Programable outgoing call queues provide no-click auto-dialing for maximum efficiency

  • Voicemail drop enables staff to leave messages with a single click so they can move on to the next call

  • Calls tie directly to patient profiles enabling notes to be easily saved or updated with the patient on the line

Hassle-Free Bookkeeping
Provide a Better Patient Experience

Save Time in the Process

Your clinic's most important job is taking care of your patients, and that extends well beyond the office. A patient calling in deserves the same great service you offer them when they're in your waiting room or one-on-one with a doctor. MedicalCRM's advanced inbound calling tools enable your staff to provide patients with a smoother, more helpful calling experience thanks to the phone system's direct connection with the patient management section of the CRM. When a patient calls in, your staff will immediately receive an on-screen notification. When they answer the call, they'll already know who it is, and that same on-screen display will enable them to quickly and easily access the patient's profile and any pertinent information regarding appointments, follow-ups, records, and more. That means fewer patients put on hold, a faster response to their needs, and better scheduling. It also means your staff members save time on each call, enabling them to help more patients throughout the day.

Minimize Costly No-Shows
Improve Appointment Reminders

Minimize Costly No-Shows

Missed appointments cost your clinic time and money, so staying on top of patient reminders is an important task. MedicalCRM offers multiple communication channels for reminder delivery, including text and email. But a phone call ensures the message gets across, and that's especially important for older patients that don't use smartphones or email frequently. MedicalCRM makes it easier than ever to efficiently deliver telephone reminders to patients to ensure they make their appointments. Programmable call lists enable your staff to create an outbound queue of all their reminder calls for the day, which the dialer will then automatically take them through, dialing the next number as soon as the previous call is over. On each call, the dialer's integration with patient notes and your office's calendars means your staff will have access to all the pertinent appointment information they need to deliver an effective reminder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! MedicalCRM's phone system provides a full suite of call analytics so you'll always have access to up-to-date information on your clinic's call volume and calling practices. The dialer also enables listen-in and call recording so that, when appropriate, you can check calls to ensure the quality of service and regulatory compliance, or use recordings for training purposes.

Yes, MedicalCRM utilizes cloud-based storage for your contacts and patient accounts. But rest assured, MedicalCRM is fully secured. We use the most secure AWS platform that Amazon offers (click here to read about AWS HIPAA compliance). We also perform regular security assessments and penetration testing to ensure that every aspect of MedicalCRM is secured against even the newest and most advanced threats. With MedicalCRM, you can rest assured that your patients' electronic protected health information (ePHI) is always secure.