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Medical Phone System Benefits – How MedicalCRM’s Calling Suite Help Your Practice

Calling is one of the most important administrative tasks in any medical setting. Not only does it represent one of your team’s most frequent activities, but it also represents one of the primary ways your practice interacts with your patients – interactions which need to be as effective and positive as possible. Understandably, any platform that can improve the quality and effectiveness of call is of great value to healthcare organizations, and MedicalCRM offers a full suite of tools designed to do exactly that.В 


Streamline Your Staff’s Daily Calling

Daily outbound calling is a big part of your administrative staff’s day. Follow-ups, patient reminders, document requests, and supplier calls all have to go out, and inefficient handling of all that calling can eat up a lot of time. MedicalCRM’s built-in dialer enables your team to streamline their calling in a number of ways. Call queues can be set up and worked through automatically with no-click dialing, launching each call the second the previous one ends. Calls can also be launched with a single click from inside a patient’s digital chart, and non-answers can be handled with a single click using automated voicemail drop.


Enable Your Staff to Handle Inbound Calls More Effectively

Inbound calling can flood your staff at the most inopportune times, and a high-volume of inbound calls can bring all other administrative activities to a halt. MedicalCRM makes it easier for your staff to efficiently and effectively handle inbound calling to ensure that doesn’t happen. Round-robin call routing can ensure calls are evenly distributed among front-desk and administrative staff and the built-in IVR system allows patients to direct their calls properly instead of all calls being sent to the front desk. When a call does come in, a preview window will appear on the screen providing full patient details as well as quick access to the patient’s digital chart. That means the second your staff members pick up the phone, they’ll be ready to offer elevated, personalized service to all of your patients.В 


Supercharge Your Patient Reminders

Effective patient reminders are the key to minimizing the costly no-shows that plague your practice’s scheduling. MedicalCRM’s phone system makes it possible to maximize appointment reminder effectiveness by scheduling calls in advance to ensure that they go out in the right intervals, leaving reminder or callback voicemail with a single click, and speeding up the calling process to ensure your team can get out more reminders each day. You can even send text messages from right within the CRM phone system, and text message reminders are a proven way to effectively ensure patient engagement, especially in younger patients who prefer SMS communications over all other mediums.В 


Gain Useful Management Insights

The medical phone system built into MedicalCRM doesn’t only help your front-desk and administrative staff. It also helps office managers and doctors by providing useful managerial insights into your clinic’s calling practices. Managers can monitor analytics on call duration, call quantity, and much more. You can also use the call recording and listen-in features to ensure call quality and develop effective training materials in order to constantly improve your team’s patient interactions.


Save Money by Combining Tools

In addition to all the productivity benefits offered by MedicalCRM’s built-in power dialer and phone system, there are also financial benefits as well. MedicalCRM’s dialer completely replaces your existing phone system, meaning you can ditch your current phone bill by bringing all your calling into the same platform you use to manage the rest of your communications. That change represents significant monthly savings – just one more way MedicalCRM helps boost your practice’s profitability as well as productivity.

For more information on MedicalCRM’s advanced power dialer and the full list of features, it offers to your practice, contact one of our expert support agents. Or, schedule your free demonstration of the software and let us walk you through all of MedicalCRM’s industry-leading features.