• Accept all major credit cards through Authorize.NET

  • Easily integrate your own merchant account with MedicalCRM

  • No additional setup, monthly, or transaction fees from MedicalCRM

  • Provide your clients with a fast, convenient electronic payment option

  • Accept ACH and eCheck payments through the Paya network

  • Easily integrate your own merchant account with MedicalCRM

  • No additional setup, monthly, or transaction fees from MedicalCRM

  • Provide your clients with a fast, convenient electronic payment option

  • Quickly and easily generate and send one-time client invoices from within MedicalCRM

  • Setup recurring billing schedules to automatically invoice as needed

  • Easy to use billing templates make invoice creation a breeze

  • Faster invoicing significantly reduces payment delays

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Electronic payments solution

Get Paid Faster by Making Payments More Convenient

Your practice's success depends on getting paid promptly, and the best way to ensure payment without delay is to make it as easy as possible for your patients to settle their accounts. MedicalCRM is designed to facilitate faster payments by providing patients with convenient electronic payment options, making it a breeze to pay in-office, online, and even over the phone. Authorize.NET and Paya Network integrations make it simple to connect your merchant account to MedicalCRM, and once you're set-up, your patients can pay their bills completely securely with any major credit card or via ACH and eCheck. You can even accept payments via third-party processors like ApplePay, Google Wallet, and PayPass! The result is the ability to settle invoices no matter where, when, or how your patients want to pay. It can't be overstated how important that kind of flexibility, convenience, and patient-focused payment processing is to getting paid faster.

Multiple Payment Methods
Multiple Payment Methods

Take Advantage of a Free EMV-Compliant Payment Terminal and Mobile Card Reader

When you switch to MedicalCRM, we'll set your clinic up with a free EMV-compliant card reader, enabling you to accept card payments completely securely, right at your front desk. We'll also give you a free mobile card reader that can be easily plugged into a tablet or smartphone, enabling you to bring MedicaCRM's payment processing right to your patients in instances where they may have mobility issues or difficulty using your front-desk terminal.


Streamline Invoicing and Automate Recurring Billing

Manually processing and mailing out invoices is time-consuming and inefficient. MedicalCRM's billing suite streamlines the process and makes it easier than ever for your staff to invoice patients. MedicalCRM's billing templates make it easy to generate branded invoices, and delivery can be done right through the CRM. For recurring billing, automatic schedules can be set up so that your staff can build an invoice once and then let the system handle the work of delivering it on a repeating basis. The result is less time spent creating and sending invoices, streamlined delivery to patients, faster payments, and improved cash flow and receivables.

Frequently Asked Questions

MedicalCRM is fully PCI Level 1 compliant, meaning it meets or exceeds the most stringent security requirements as set out by the major credit card companies themselves. That means you can be sure all payments processed through MedicalCRM will be completely secure, and your patients' sensitive payment information and personal data will be completely walled off from all outside threats.

Absolutely! MedicalCRM enables your staff to handle electronic payments via major credit card or ACH right over the phone, making it easy for older patients with limited mobility or hesitation about paying online to settle their accounts from home with complete convenience. Payments entered into MedicalCRM over the phone by your staff are fully protected by MedicalCRM's industry-leading security features, so your patients will always be protected no matter how they choose to pay.