• Get a head start on the most common forms including patient intake forms, HIPAA release forms, patient symptom questionnaires, and test requisitions

  • Eliminate the headaches of form creation and customize, brand, and edit forms in a matter of minutes

  • Easily prepare paper forms for in-office use and digital versions for download or electronic transmission

Medical Forms Fill Up
Easy to Create and Customize

15 of the Most Common Medical Forms Preloaded

Forms are a huge part of your clinic's day-to-day business, but creating them is a hassle. Why start from scratch? MedicalCRM enables you to quickly and easily create the forms you need for daily operations in a matter of minutes thanks to the built-in medical form templates. The CRM includes 15 of the most common medical forms, including patient intake forms, HIPAA release forms, patient symptom questionnaires, blood test and other test requisition forms, and more. Your staff can easily access the form templates through the CRM and brand them to match your clinic's other paperwork and records, or you can use them as is – they're ready to go right away. Forms can be printed out for in-office or carry-out use, and PDF versions of the forms are user-fillable for patients that prefer to complete their paperwork on their computers.

Combine Form Templates with E-Signature
Extra Benefit

Combine Form Templates with E-Signature

In addition to the document creation convenience MedicalCRM provides, the platform also offers electronic signature functionality. With eSignature, you can take your newly created forms and add a digital signature feature, allowing your patients to fill the forms out at home, digitally add a legally binding signature, and submit the forms in electronic format without ever having to print, scan, or handle a single piece of paper. Together, e-signature and digital form templates offer unmatched convenience and streamline your staff's ability to handle, verify, and store documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

The form templates are fully editable. You can easily add your clinic's logo and contact information to the templates and be ready to print and distribute, or you can edit, remove, or add fields if you have a need to change the information collected on any given form.

Absolutely not! Unlike some websites and software programs that only provide free access to locked PDF versions, with MedicalCRM, you can access all of the form templates in both editable and ready to use formats completely free! Brand, edit, print or send all the forms you need without ever having to spend an additional penny!