Medical Form Builder

Leveraging a Medical Form Builder with Electronic Signature

Large quantities of paperwork is an inescapable reality of healthcare, and document handling is likely one of the biggest headaches in your office. From handling the sea of materials associated with tasks like new patient intake to storing all of your patients’ documents, to creating and managing the forms your office uses daily, paperwork eats up a lot of time. But luckily, new tools, like MedicalCRM’s medical form builder with electronic signature, are making the inefficiencies associated with physical paperwork a thing of the past.


Streamlining Form Creation

Building custom forms for your office with legacy office productivity software like Microsoft Word, iWork Pages, or Adobe Acrobat is a huge drain on time and a major headache for your staff. That’s especially true if you want the forms to include digitally-fillable fields, checkboxes, or other standard elements.В 

A far better option is to use a purpose-designed medical form builder, like the one that comes built-in to MedicalCRM. In addition to the standard form library containing all of the most common forms your clinic needs in ready-to-use formats, the forms are all fully and easily editable, enabling your staff to quickly add branding and add or remove fields as necessary. That reclaims an enormous amount of the time otherwise wasted building forms from scratch or utilizing inferior templates.В 


Providing Convenience to Patients

Nobody wants to sit in a crowded waiting room with a clipboard on their knee, filling out page after page of dense medical forms. What your patients do want is to be able to come in on the day of their appointment, spend as little time as possible waiting, and then get back home again after their care with as little fuss as possible.

One of the best ways you can provide them with that convenience is through the use of electronic forms that they can both fill out and sign completely digitally, on their own time, with zero need for any printing or scanning. MedicalCRM’s form builder and electronic signature functionality make that possible, enabling your patients to take complete control over their paperwork and to shift the burden of filling it out from your office waiting room to the comfort of their own homes.В 


Boosting Form Handling Efficiency

One major benefit of going digital with your forms is that is makes handling paperwork far more efficient and relieves the strain that mountains of physical forms put on your staff. That’s especially important with new patient intake, where an enormous amount of time can be reclaimed and redirected towards more pressing issues around the office.В 

With MedicalCRM, not only can you process forms digitally, but you can also store them completely securely thanks to MedicalCRM’s unlimited document storage capabilities and HIPAA-compliant security. The result is a more organized office, and happier, more productive administrative staff less bogged down by the mountains of paperwork they currently handle on a daily basis.В 

Find out more about how MedicalCRM’s built-in form library can help boost your office’s productivity, or better yet, sign up for your fully-functional free trial of the platform today!

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