Introducing the Best Healthcare CRM

Introducing the Best Healthcare CRM – MedicalCRM

The healthcare industry has fully embraced digital systems, and streamlining the electronic storage, management, and transfer of patient records and data has become a top priority for both the industry and the government. With the rapid shift to digitization across the board, many organizations have looked to customer resource management tools as a way to quickly and easily transition away from their old paper-based operations and into modern, electronic operations. Healthcare CRM technology is, in turn, changing the way clinics operate and making it possible for doctors and nurses to deliver elevated care to their patients while simultaneously reducing the overall administrative burden. MedicalCRM is one of the newest, and most robust healthcare CRMs currently on the market, and its wide array of healthcare-specific features make it an ideal choice for clinics and organizations looking to jump into 21st-century healthcare management. 


The Benefits of Using a Healthcare CRM

Customer resource management systems were initially designed to help teams in sales environments manage customers, but the practices and technologies lent themselves naturally to the Medical world as well. A healthcare-specific CRM takes that to the next level by integrating features designed specifically to help medical organizations deliver better care and run smoother operations. In essence, employing a MedicalCRM takes essentially all of the tasks performed by your administrative staff and doctors, automates as many as possible, and reduces the workload associated with the rest. The result is that doctors can spend more time attending to patients and delivering care rather than working on administrative tasks, and administrators can spend more time focusing on solving the big problems rather than getting swallowed up in the minutiae and busy work associated with running a busy clinic. 


What MedicalCRM Offers Healthcare Organizations

MedicalCRM offers a full suite of features designed specifically to improve the efficiency, profitability, and patient care and experience delivery of medical clinics and healthcare organizations. Those features cover all aspects of practice and operations, and the following list represents just some of the most notable. 

Unparalleled Patient Management

MedicalCRM’s patient management suite enables you to easily create accounts for each of your patients that act as a digital chart, storing all relevant information, documentation, imagery, and notes. With each new patient contact, the system can automatically log things like emails or phone calls, and doctors can add their own notes on each appointment in a matter of a few clicks. The result is closer, better relationships with patients, and the improved care delivery that follows naturally. 

Advanced Scheduling

MedicalCRM enables you to bring all of your scheduling into the platform, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum headache for your administrative staff. The scheduling suite includes the ability to integrate your existing Gmail or Outlook calendars, a productivity dashboard to enable staff to manage their weekly tasks, permissions-based calendar management, and editing, appointment management automation, and much more. 

Improved Notifications

Patient notifications and reminders for appointments and follow-ups can all be preset and automated to go out at certain time intervals before or after a patient receive care. Reminders can be sent by email, scheduled to go out over the phone, or even delivered via text messages, which patients can reply directly to with confirmations or rescheduling and cancellation requests. That represents a far more efficient system than manual calling and enables you to minimize expensive no-shows. 

HIPAA-Compliant Live Chat

HIPAA compliant chat built directly into MedicalCRM gives your entire staff a team collaboration tool that can be used to improve internal communication, break down information silos, and improve care all in real-time, from right within the platform. Chat groups are permissions-based to ensure maximum patient confidentiality whenever a patient’s case is being discussed between doctors, and the application allows for the transfer and sharing of all types of information relevant to care, including documents like releases and histories, as well as medical imagery, video, and much more. 


The full list of features included in MedicalCRM is far too long to list here, so for more information, read about everything the program offers in our site, get in touch with a member of the team, or schedule your free demonstration today. 

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