Introducing MedicalCRM

Introducing MedicalCRM: The World’s Premier Patient Relationship Management Software

In any good medical practice, the patient always comes first. Providing the best possible care and experience to patients – both in-clinic and out – is the priority of every doctor and every clinic, and it’s also the key to building and growing a successful practice. MedicalCRM is the newest and most powerful tool available to medical practices looking to increase the quality of their patient relationships, boost the efficiency of their patient management, and reap the growth and profitability that comes along with accomplishing both.

Bring All Relevant Patient Information into a Single Platform

MedicalCRM provides an advanced patient management system that provides individual accounts for each and every one of your patients. Those accounts store all relevant documents, from consent forms to digital medical images to appointment notes and beyond, putting every piece of information required to deliver optimal care just a few clicks away. Best of all, the patient management accounts are linked with all other parts of the system, so that every phone call, email, note, and invoice can be automatically tied in. The result is faster access to the information you need, and deeper knowledge of your patients, their needs, and the care they’re being provided. That enables you and your staff to provide the kind of personalized experience that keeps patient retention high and reinforces your clinic’s reputation for unparalleled care.В 

Sharpen Scheduling and Reduce Wait Times

Efficient, reliable scheduling is a huge part of positive patient experience, and MedicalCRM provides your clinic with the tools you need to improve all aspects of your scheduling. MedicalCRM fully integrates your Google or Outlook calendars into the CRM, enabling you to manage your scheduling from the same platform you use for patient management. It also enables you to choose who has viewing and editing access to which calendars, reducing clutter and making it easier for doctors to manage their own appointments or to receive help from administrative staff. The built-in appointment board shows each user a full outline of their scheduled events in the week ahead, ensuring efficient time management across your entire staff.В 

On the patient side, MedicalCRM enables your patients to submit appointment confirmations, cancellations, and rescheduling requests via text message right to your office through the CRM, enhancing their experience and reducing costly no-shows for your clinic.В В 

Streamline Document and Payment Collection

Another big part of providing the best possible experience for your patients is to make their care as convenient for them as possible. Two areas you can easily make big improvements are paperwork and payments – both sources of major headache and wasted time for both your clinic and your patients. MedicalCRM’s eSignature feature enables you to send your patient’s required documents via email so that they can fill them out and digitally sign them right from home – no printing or scanning required. That not only enables your patients to fill out their paperwork at their convenience and from the comfort of home, it also reduces in-office wait times by enabling your staff to check forms prior to patient arrival.В 

On the money-side, MedicalCRM’s electronic billing and payments suite lets your clinic send invoices to your patients digitally and collect electronic credit card or eCheck payments in-office, on the web, and even over the phone. That not only provides your patients with the option to pay how they want, from where they want, it also speeds up the payment process, reducing your clinic’s receivables and ensuring healthy cash flow.В В 

Improve Communication and Relationships

Good communication and a strong, trusting relationship are everything in medicine, and MedicalCRM has tools to help you reinforce and improve both. The full communication suite enables your staff to integrate their Gmail or Outlook accounts, bringing all communications into one platform. You can set prewritten email and text messages to go out automatically to patients as reminders or after-care check-ins, representing a great way to maintain a personal touch while minimizing your staff’s workload.В  MedicalCRM even has an industry-leading power dialer built in to make your daily calling faster, easier, and more efficient.В 

The platform also comes with an online patient portal that allows your patients to log in and interact with your clinic even after hours when your staff aren’t around to answer phones or email. That provides your patients with 24-hour peace of mind and reduces the deluge of calling and email your staff has to handle when the office opens. The patient portal is fully white-labeled, so the only branding your patients will ever see is yours.В 

These are just a few of the many patient management and productivity features packed into MedicalCRM – the world’s leading patient relationship management software. From SMS messaging to Redox Engine integration to HIPAA-compliant internal chat, the list goes on and on. If you’d like a guided tour of MedicalCRM’s full set of features, sign up for a one-on-one demo and one of our expert support staff would be happy to show you around. You can also sign up for a no-commitment free trial of MedicalCRM and start putting it to work in your clinic today!

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