Improve Your Patients' Experience

Improve Your Patients’ Experience with Patient Appointment Scheduling Software

Scheduling impacts all areas of your clinic, and keeping the gears running smoothly is crucial to minimizing in-office stress among staff and doctors, ensuring important administrative tasks don’t slip through the cracks, and minimizing patient backlogs and clinic-initiated rescheduling. As a result, losing control or clear oversight of scheduling, even briefly, can cause major problems for your administrative staff and doctors alike.В 

But inefficient scheduling doesn’t only impact clinic staff, it impacts patients as well. Patient care and experience are everything, and they’re the key to successful retention, and, in turn, the key to a profitable practice and strong growth. When your scheduling operates below maximum efficiency, it results in patient inconveniences in the form of longer in-clinic waits, rushed appointments, and forced rescheduling. All of those things greatly diminish the experience of your patients, and none of them should be acceptable.В В 


The Benefits of Centralized Schedule Management

There are a number of common problems that cause or contribute to inefficient scheduling. Centralizing your schedule management using patient appointment scheduling software like MedicalCRM offers simple solutions to those common problems, including:

Increased Situational Awareness by Monitoring the Whole Picture

Running a clinic with multiple doctors requires dense and advanced scheduling, and it can be easy to get lost in a narrow focus while losing sight of the bigger picture – the scheduling situation as a whole. Centralizing scheduling brings each doctor’s individual schedule, as well as the clinic’s master schedule and administrative scheduling, into a single point of control. That means the situational awareness available to doctor’s and staff regarding not just their own schedules, but the entire clinic’s, is significantly boosted. The result is better planning in both the short and long-term, and less unexpected scheduling hiccups down the line.В 

Minimizing Errors Associated with Data Movement Between Platforms

Human error is the most common source of data errors and moving information back and forth between different platforms is a surefire way to introduce it. By bringing all schedule management into the same system your staff uses to handle email, phone calls, and all other communication, you can minimize or eliminate the need to move information like appointment time requests from one platform, like an email account, into your scheduling system. That automation and minimized platform-jumping means fewer data-entry errors and, as a result, fewer scheduling errors.

Enabling Permissions-Based Management and Decluttering

Juggling multiple doctors’ calendars can cause a number of problems, especially if they’re all managed through a single master calendar. Information is cluttered, and busy doctors don’t have time to sort through the mess. The possibility of one user accidentally editing another user’s events unintentionally is also very real. Moving scheduling to centralized patient appointment scheduling software eliminates that problem through easy-to-use permissions-based schedule management. With permissions-based management, a staff administrator can be assigned to manage the clinic’s master schedule or administrative schedule, but can also be given permission to edit and manage individual doctors’ calendars. Likewise, each doctor or staff member can be limited to editing permission on only their own calendar, ensuring that there is never accidental movement and editing between schedules.В 

The result of all of these scheduling solutions is smoother clinic operation on both a day-to-day and long-term basis. That means your patients can rest assured that appointment times they schedule will be honored, that they can arrive when they’re supposed to without having to worry about long waits due to backlogs, and that their time with their doctor will never feel rushed or cut short. That heightened patient experience is invaluable to clinic reputation and patient retention, making patient appointment scheduling software like MedicalCRM invaluable to clinics like yours.В 

Contact us to book a one-on-one demo to find out more about how MedicalCRM can help your practice improve your scheduling, or sign up for a no-commitment free trial and start putting MedicalCRM to use today!

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