Medical Speech Recognition Technology

How Medical Speech Recognition Technology Helps Doctors Update Patient Notes More Efficiently

Technology is changing the way we handle everyday work in all walks of life, and writing is one of the many common tasks that can benefit greatly from a little technological help. Speech recognition technology – software that accurately transcribes the human voice into text-on-page – is revolutionizing writing across countless industries because it helps eliminate the bottleneck that exists between the human brain and the human hand. Among its many advanced productivity tools, MedicalCRM comes equipped with a highly accurate speech-to-text tool designed to recapture lost time and make it easier than ever for doctors to record and update patient notes.В 


Speech Recognition Enables Doctors to Think Out Loud, Providing Richer Note Detail

Even for the world’s best writers, putting words down on a page or in a word processor does not flow as naturally as speech. Utilizing a medical speech recognition program enables doctors to take their hands out of the equation, and to dictate their notes in the most free-flowing, natural way possible. The result of this “thinking out loud” style of note taking results in patient notes that are far more detailed. Superfluous information can always be edited out later if necessary, but enabling the transcription of free thought ensures no detail, no matter how minute, will be missed – a common problem with the traditional process of encoding thoughts into writing. And because the software can easily recognize any voice or accent, some doctors even find it beneficial to use the speech-to-text to transcribe the patient’s description of their medical problems in their own words. It’s a highly useful tool that can be applied to any scenario where a doctor would ordinarily pick up a pen or sit at a keyboard.В 


Speech Recognition Technology Eliminates the Time Wasted on Shorthand Translation

In addition to its limitations from a content-richness perspective, writing is also slow. To combat that problem, doctors write in shorthand in order to get their notes down quicker. Unfortunately, medical shorthand isn’t something the vast majority of the population can read. As a result, doctors notes often have to be re-transcribed, either by the doctor themselves or by someone on their administrative staff. That’s a time-consuming process, and also a completely unnecessary one thanks to MedicalCRM’s speech recognition technology. Speech to text eliminates the need for shorthand by speeding up the note-taking process naturally. The only limit on how quickly notes can be automatically transcribed is the speed of a doctor’s speech. By solving the speed problem and eliminating the need for shorthand, doctors can free up all of the time previously dedicated to note transcription. That time can then be better used for more important administrative work and providing better care to patients.В 


Speech recognition can benefit clinics in a multitude of ways, and it isn’t just doctors that can benefit. Any member of the team that regularly deals with writing tasks can streamline their workflow by putting MedicalCRM’s speech-to-text feature to work. If you’d like to find out more about how MedicalCRM and its extensive suite of productivity and patient management features can improve your clinic’s operations, get in touch with us today to start your free trial or arrange a free demo of everything MedicalCRM has to offer!

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