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HIPAA Compliant Live Chat Service for Practice Efficiency

Chat platforms and collaboration tools are exploding in popularity and becoming ubiquitous across almost all industries. It’s no surprise since any tool designed to help reduce friction in communications represents significant value to its users. While tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams are great for business and technology applications, they aren’t designed with the medical field in mind. Luckily, MedicalCRM, the industry’s top patient and practice management tool, includes a fully HIPAA compliant live chat service designed specifically to boost the efficiency of administration and the effectiveness of care delivery.


How Live Chat Impacts Practice Administration

Excellent communication among an administrative team and between administrators and the doctors they support is absolutely crucial to keeping a clinic or healthcare organization running smoothly. The larger the practice, the truer that statement becomes. But as practices grow and add staff, communication becomes harder and harder. It’s a problem encountered in all industries when companies scale, and it’s equally true in the medical field, especially in large organizations like hospitals.В 

The best way to combat that scale problem is to employ more effective communication tools, and live chat is one of the best. Email is hit or miss, and it’s far too easy for someone to see an email and ignore it in the moment. Getting someone on the phone at their desk is an even trickier proposition. But chat enables everyone connected to see exactly who is online and when, providing an extra layer of insight to aid in message delivery. Additionally, engagement rates with live chat are extremely high, and people generally treat chat messages like they do texts – with immediate responses. The result is smoother, unencumbered communications, and a smoother operating practice.В 


How Live Chat Impacts Care Delivery

The same scale problems that impact administrators impact doctors too, but when communication breaks down in administration, the consequences aren’t generally as potentially severe as when communication breaks down between doctors delivering care to a patient. Live chat ensures that doctors always have an open line of communication with one another so that harmful information silos become essentially non-existent, and the knowledge and discussion necessary to deliver elevated patient care can be shared with ease.В 

High-end medical customer resource management platforms, like MedicalCRM, offer internal live chat clients that enable doctors to get more out of chat, including the ability to quickly send and receive all pertinent files, medical imagery, and notes, and the ability to access patient management accounts – a type of digital chart – right from the chat interface. Those features provide doctors with a higher level of situational awareness regarding their patients, those patients’ needs, and the status of their care.В 


How HIPAA Impacts Compliant Live Chat Services

While live chat applications are incredibly useful in any medical environment, there are also important security and privacy issues to consider, meaning not all chat clients are appropriate for medical use. Specifically, clinics must ensure that any chat client they intend to use to transmit patient information or to discuss patient care is fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring that the patient’s electronic protected health information (ePHI) is fully walled off from both outside threats, and from internal staff members that don’t have a need to access it.В 

MedicalCRM’s internal chat client is fully compliant with the HIPAA security and privacy rules under 45 CFRВ Part 160В and Subparts A, C and E ofВ Part 164.В В In addition to the chat-specific security, the entire MedicalCRM platform handles all document and data storage via Amazon’s most secure AWS storage solution, designed specifically with HIPAA and medical applications in mind. MedicalCRM also undergoes regular penetration testing and security reviews to ensure that all aspects of the system are fully sealed off against all external cyber threats, ensuring your patients’ privacy and the safety of their information.В 

For more information on how MedicalCRM’s internal chat client can help boost the efficiency of your practice’s operations and improve your ability to deliver the best possible patient care, schedule a guided demonstration now.В 

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