HIPAA – Our Commitment to Compliance

HIPAA Compliant Live Chat – Everything You Need to Know and More

Are you familiar with the HIPAA Compliance? Information silos occur when information can’t be easily shared between employees or departments that need it to perform their tasks effectively due to technological or policy-based limitations. Rather than information flowing horizontally as needed, it ends up concentrated in narrow vertical bands, impacting operations and, in the healthcare industry, potentially also the quality of care.В 

That’s a major problem in the medical field, as any time more than one doctor is involved in patient care, the ability for all members of the care team to access and communicate about relevant patient information is absolutely crucial to ensuring delivery of the best care possible. As a result, it’s extremely important that clinics and hospitals eliminate information silos and unnecessary communication barriers as much as possible. MedicalCRM’s HIPAA compliant chat service is one of the best tools to ensure that kind of unencumbered communication, as it provides a fully secure, easy to use, and highly functional option for intra-clinic communication among doctors and key staff.В 


How Internal Live Chat Facilitates Information Sharing

Internal live chat breaks down information silos by bringing all internal communication into a single, unified point of control and then utilizing permissions and groups to ensure that teams and colleagues can easily and securely transmit information to other parties with a need-to-know, with little to no resistance. This communication model has become incredibly popular across a number of industries outside of healthcare with the rise of team collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and the same model applies equally well to the medical field and healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Using an internal chat, doctors can securely communicate with each other about patient care needs, easily attach and share documents, medical imagery, or any other relevant files, and ensure the free flow of information to those who need it in order to ensure optimal care. The built-in security features like group and individual-based permissions ensure that information transfer is kept on a secure need-to-know basis, and individuals within a healthcare organization that shouldn’t have access to sensitive patient information can’t access it.


The Importance of HIPAA ComplianceВ 

Under the HIPAA privacy and security rules, any organizations handling electronically protected health information (ePHI) must meet a strict set of requirements for ensuring the safety, privacy, and security of every patient’s sensitive personal information. As a result, while internal chat platforms are a powerful way to ensure necessary information sharing and break down silos, it’s crucial that those chat clients be fully HIPAA compliant. MedicalCRM’s built-in chat platform is fully compliant with HIPAA under 45 CFR Parts 160 and 164, ensuring that all administrative, physical, and technical regulations are met and that doctors, administrators, and patients alike can be confident that information and documentation shared through MedicalCRM chat are always fully secure. MedicalCRM also undergoes regular security assessments and penetration testing to ensure that, in addition to the HIPAA compliance of the chat client, the entire platform is fully secured against outside threats.В 


For more information on MedicalCRM’s built-in HIPAA-compliant internal chat platform and patient support, arrange a free demonstration or start your free trial today.

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