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Healthcare CRM Software Solutions – Can Generic CRM Software Measure Up to Med-Specific Systems?

Customer resource management technology is sweeping the healthcare industry thanks to the huge improvements in productivity and, in turn, profitability that CRM platforms offer. But, despite the many tools currently on the market, few are designed specifically for medical organizations. That leaves clinics sifting through a sea of options designed for commerce and begs the question: can a generic CRM tool serve the needs of a healthcare organization? And, what additional benefits can be gained by choosing a platform specifically tailored towards doctors and clinics?


What Do Generic CRM Platforms Have to Offer?

Generic CRM platforms are designed as sales tools for B2B and B2C companies, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer the healthcare field. Most CRM software comes equipped with a number of tools that can benefit clinics, including lead management tools, email marketing tools, advanced analytics and reporting, and productivity tools like Gmail and Outlook integration. As a result, clinic administrative staff can use many of the features included with generic CRMs to streamline their handling of daily operations and to reclaim some of the lost time associated with the in-office busywork that most CRMs are designed to minimize through automation.В 


What Can A Healthcare-Specific CRM Platform Bring to the Table?

As useful as generic CRMs are, what they don’t do is help your clinic improve patient care or streamline any of the healthcare-specific tasks your staff deal with on a daily basis. Conversely, a healthcare-centric CRM, like MedicalCRM, is designed specifically with enhancements in patient care and clinic-centric productivity in mind. As an example, MedicalCRM includes a HIPAA-compliant internal chat system designed to facilitate better intra-clinic communication between doctors and critical staff members in the effort to knock down information silos and improve patient care. MedicalCRM is also specifically designed to improve your clinic’s scheduling, to enable more effective reminders and reduce costly no-shows, to facilitate faster new patient intake via electronic forms and digital signatures, to improve your patient management through patient accounts that serve as secure digital charts, and much more.В 


MedicalCRM Plans

MedicalCRM offers three package options, billable both monthly or annually, to ensure the right plan exists to meet the needs of all clinics, regardless of size or volume. All MedicalCRM plans feature unlimited patient accounts, unlimited secure document storage, and unlimited support staff user accounts. For small clinics, our Single Practice package is available at only $800 per month (per doctor) and includes every single one of MedicalCRM’s industry-leading patient care and productivity features. For medium-sized organizations, our Medical Group plan includes everything in the Single Practice plan, with 5x the voice and SMS credits and five doctors included for only $2,400 per month. Finally, for hospitals and other large organizations, we offer a fully-customizable Enterprise Group plan featuring custom pricing and custom feature requests to enable us to design the ideal solution to meet all organizational needs.В 


MedicalCRM is the ultimate customer resource management tool for the healthcare industry, and it offers an unparalleled suite of productivity and patient-management features ideally suited to boosting your clinic’s profitability and improving your ability to deliver the best possible care. For full details on what’s included with all three MedicalCRM plans, visit and check out our pricing page, or get in touch with one of our agents today and we’d be happy to answer all of your questions.В 

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