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What is a Healthcare CRM? Benefits & Common Questions on Medical Customer Resource Management Systems

Customer resource management has become somewhat of a buzzword across a huge number of industries – and with good reason. CRM is changing the way businesses interact with their clients for the better, and as a result, it has been nearly universally adopted as a practice and a technology in all industries in which business-client relationships are a top priority. As a result, the use of CRM technology has been exploding in the healthcare industry, where a good relationship with the patient is everything. But with all the popularity of this relatively new technology, many decision-makers aren’t entirely sure what it is, or how it applies to the medical industry in general. In this piece, we’ll try to shed some light on those two areas.


What is Customer Resource Management?

Customer resource management is the process of using technology to manage and enhance all customer-facing aspects of your business. From sales to service, and beyond, CRM streamlines and improves your processes and workflows to enable your team to do their jobs better and to ensure the best possible experience for your prospects and customers – or, in the medical field, your patients. CRM software platforms help accomplish that goal by centralizing all of your customer-related tasks and data into a single platform and automating as many of the processes related to those tasks as possible. Processes covered include lead and customer management, email and telephone marketing, internal and external communications, billing and payments, customer support, reporting and analytics, and much more.В 


How Does CRM Apply to Healthcare?

Customer resource management tools are ideal for healthcare organizations because the tools they provide are as useful for managing patient relationships and care as they are for managing customer relationships and sales processes. That’s especially true in light of the new interoperability and data sharing initiatives being introduced to the U.S. healthcare system, as it’s now more important than ever to have a strong command of all-digital patient information. A CRM not only makes it easier for clinics, hospitals, and healthcare organizations to manage patient data, it also makes it easier for staff to perform duties like sending follow-ups and appointment reminders, tightening up scheduling, reducing no-shows, sending invoices, collecting co-payments, and speeding up the patient intake.В 


About Medical CRM

MedicalCRM is the industry-leader in healthcare-specific customer resource management. It is built specifically to address the issues and challenges facing healthcare organizations in order to empower clinic staff and doctors to perform their administrative duties better and to provide the best possible care to patients. Features included in MedicalCRM include:

  • Easy patient management through unlimited patient accounts that act as an electronic chart, securely storing all relevant patient data, imagery, and documentation.
  • HIPAA-compliant internal chat designed to facilitate secure communication between doctors and in-clinic staff in order to knock down information silos and improve care.В 
  • Advanced scheduling, including a weekly task board, to ensure better time management for all doctors and staff.В 
  • A full-featured communication suite enabling better appointment reminders and follow-ups. You can even send reminders via SMS and give patients the option to reschedule or cancel their own appointments with a simple text message.В 
  • A built-in form library providing editable, ready-to-use templates for all the most common medical forms.В 
  • A full billing and payments suite for easier invoicing and faster payment collection via credit card and ACH/e-check.В 


CRM is changing the medical field for the better, and MedicalCRM is leading the way. The list above represents only a portion of the many industry-leading productivity and patient management features included in MedicalCRM. For more information on everything, MedicalCRM can do for your healthcare organization, visit to speak with a member of our team or set up your free demo!


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