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Emerging Trend: Medical Clinics Embracing Text Messaging to Remind Patients of Appointments and Reduce No-Shows

SMS messaging, or text messaging as most of us know it, has become the preferred communication method of the majority of Americans, and the vast majority of millennials. SMS messaging is so pervasive that entirely new lexicon has developed around it, and many young adults now don’t remember a time when they couldn’t text their friends and family. But in addition to friends and family, text messaging represents a real opportunity for businesses of all stripes, including healthcare organizations.В 


The Effectiveness of SMS Messaging

SMS messaging has been growing in popularity as an advertising technique because of how effective text messages are in reaching their intended targets. While consumers have largely developed ad blindness to most other kinds of media, text messages are almost always read, and the ping or vibration that goes off when a new text arrives has such a big impact on the reward centers of our brains that many people actually feel phantom vibrations when their phones aren’t even on their person.В 

That high level of engagement with text messages makes them a perfect tool for medical clinics looking to get in touch with patients with critical communications. Text messages are a great medium for any clinic-patient communication, but they’re particularly effective at sending appointment reminders. Good patient reminders are the key to lowering no-show rates and reducing the financial and scheduling impacts of patients that forget to show up for their appointments. As a result, more and more clinics are embracing SMS messages to gently – and effectively – remind patients of upcoming appointments.В 


Medical CRM’s SMS Functionality

The team at MedicalCRM understands the value of text messaging for patient appointment management, especially with younger patients who’ve spent their whole lives using SMS as a primary channel. As a result, MedicalCRM has been equipped with SMS capability as part of the built-in communications suite. MedicalCRM’s SMS tool enables text messages to be both sent and received from directly within the CRM, with no mobile device or special software required. You can send and receive directly from your clinic’s primary number, providing familiarity and a sense of security to your patients.В 

In addition to using outgoing SMS as a way to send reminders, MedicaCRM’s inbound SMS also enables your patients to take a more active role in their appointment scheduling by sending confirmations, rescheduling requests, and cancellations to your clinic right from their mobile phones. That additional layer of patient engagement in the scheduling process makes it even more likely that patients will remember their appointments, ensuring your clinic won’t have to deal with the annoyance or financial consequences of a no-show.В 


For more information on MedicalCRM’s industry-leading communication tools and how SMS messaging can revolutionize your clinic’s patient reminders, visit, or give us a call today. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions on the benefits of text messaging or on any of MedicalCRM’s other productivity-boosting features. You can also sign up for a free demonstration of the platform, or start a free trial to begin experiencing the full host of benefits MedicalCRM can offer your clinic today.В 

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