MedicalCRM's electronic signature

Electronic Signature Revolutionizes the Patient Intake Process, Reduces Wait Times, and Improves Overall Patient Experience

There are a number of ways that clinics can benefit from customer resource management technology, from better communications to easier billing and payments. But one of the most useful features packed into advanced platforms like MedicalCRM is the ability to send and receive legally signed documents electronically. E-signature eliminates some of the most common hassles associated with high-volume paperwork and opens a document channel that offers both your patients and your staff a level of convenience never before available.В 


Show Your Patients You Respect Their Time

The patient intake process can be very time consuming, and a great way to show your new patients that you do things differently is to demonstrate your respect for their time right off the bat. A great way to do that is by putting as much of the intake process into their hands as possible, enabling them to handle things on their own time, and from the comfort of their own homes.В 

MedicalCRM’s electronic signature functionality enables your clinic to send your patients their intake paperwork electronically so that they can fill out the paperwork at home, right on their computers, with no need for any printing or scanning. All necessary signatures can be easy – and legally – completed right within the e-signature-enabled documents, and your patients can then send them back electronically. The convenience factor e-signature provides to patients can’t be overstated.В 


Improve Your Patients’ In-Clinic Experience

There are few places patients hate spending time in more than a doctor’s office waiting room. A surefire way to annoy a new patient is to subject them to a long and frustrating wait on their first visits to your clinic. By utilizing an electronic signature, you can securely collect your intake documents, fully signed, well ahead of a new patient’s initial visits to the clinic. By the time they walk in the door, your staff can have already checked over all of their paperwork, verified that your clinic has everything you need, and be ready to deliver the superior care right away.В 

From the patient’s perspective, having to sit in the waiting room with a clipboard and a dried-out pen filling out page after page of intake information is like torture, and freeing them from that experience is an ideal way to start your new relationship. Electronic signature patient intake makes it easy to get off on the right foot.В 


Streamline Workflows and Boost Your Staff’s Efficiency

As much of an annoyance as intake paperwork can be for your new patients, it can be a downright nightmare for your staff. That’s especially true when your patient roster grows rapidly in quick succession. E-signature provides all the same benefits to your administrative staff that it does to your patients, enabling them to handle the intake process on a schedule that makes sense based on your clinic’s operational tempo, rather than having it dumped on them in the least convenient way possible.В 

Employing e-signature for patient intake documents ensures your staff can get those documents back well ahead of the patient’s initial appointments, providing them time to check them for completion and potential errors – a common problem with dense paperwork. Your staff can then ensure that any problems that need to be addressed can be brought to the patient’s attention as early as possible, minimizing the headaches associated with last-minute updates and annoyed patients on the day of an appointment.В В 


For more information about how your clinic can put MedicalCRM’s electronic signature functionality to work, contact us today to book a free demo of the software. You can also sign up for a fully functional free trial and see first-hand how MedicalCRM can improve the intake experience for your patients and staff alike.В 

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