Electronic Patient Support Through Customer Resource Management

Electronic Patient Support Through Customer Resource Management

The primary goal of every doctor and every healthcare organization is always to deliver the best possible patient care, but it’s important to remember that your patients are also customers, and the quality of service and support you offer them also plays a major part in both their experience and the long-term success of your clinic.

One of the best ways to enable your clinic staff to deliver that elevated service and support is to adopt a full-featured customer resource management platform, like our CRM. MedicalCRM is equipped with a wide set of features designed to improve all areas of your clinic’s operations, from patient management, to billing, to scheduling, to document management, and beyond. It also includes two tools that are crucial to improving patient support: a 24/7 online customer support portal, and automated ticketing and resolution system.  


Create a 24/7 Line of Patient Communication with No Additional Burden on Your Staff

MedicalCRM offers a fully white-labeled customer support portal that allows you to provide your patients with 24/7 inbound messaging, even during off-hours. That provides your patients with the peace of mind of knowing they can always get a message or a question to you, even when your offices are closed, or your staff isn’t available to pick up the phone. Just the knowledge that their inquiry will be waiting for your team in the morning when the office opens offers a level of relief to patients. It also helps ensure that your team can respond to support requests quickly, efficiently, and in the order of need, while minimizing the constant influx of phone calls they need to handle during business hours. 

Because the customer support portal is fully white-labeled, when your patients’ login, they’ll always see your logo, colors, and contact information, never MedicalCRM’s. That means it’s your brand that’s being built with every patient interaction – a key part of building long-term trust and loyalty. 


Ensure Timely and Efficient Support with Automated Ticketing

Because MedicalCRM ties all of its functions back to the patient accounts which act as the core of the system, support requests automatically link to the relevant patients and update themselves as cases move towards resolution. 

By giving your patients access to the support portal, or even just to a dedicated support email address, their inbound support requests will automatically generate support tickets in the CRM, including notifications to your staff. Those notifications will give your staff live updates if they’re logged on at their desk or will notify them of all off-hours requests as soon as they login in the morning. Every time a member of your team interacts with a patient regarding their support ticket, that interaction and any progress will be automatically saved to the ticket and the patient’s digital chart. 

The overall impact of the support systems included in MedicalCRM is that your team’s patient interaction and support workflows will be significantly streamlined, resulting in less work and more control over timing for your staff, and smoother, faster service for your patients. 


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