CRM For Medical Clinics – How HIPAA Compliance Impacts Your CRM Deployment

Customer resource management platforms are ideal tools for medical clinics & environments, but the healthcare industry represents some unique challenges due to the extreme sensitivity of electronic patient health information (ePHI). Electronic data storage and portability are of huge importance in today’s medical environment, but to seal that digital information off from bad actors and to ensure patients have full ownership over their medical data, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) lays out a series of clear and very strict rules covering both how systems must be secured and when and how it’s acceptable for healthcare providers to use and transmit data. 

Because the vast majority of CRM systems are not designed specifically for use in the healthcare industry, most do not comply with the strict rules laid out in HIPAA. That means that clinics looking to engage a CRM system need to be extremely careful to ensure that the data collected through and stored in that CRM is secured in compliance with the act. And because HIPAA requires end-to-end compliance, even a single failure point in a CRM’s security makes it completely unacceptable for use in a healthcare environment. 

As a result, it’s crucial that any CRM you consider for your clinic be specialist in nature and geared specifically towards the healthcare industry. While generalist CRMs will unquestionably offer plenty of value and a full suite of productivity tools, the potential legal ramifications of storing medical data on a non-compliant CRM are simply too high. 


MedicalCRM and HIPAA

MedicalCRM is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations in addition to providing the standard productivity tools that have made CRM platforms mission-critical software in so many industries. That means walling off your patients’ sensitive ePHI from outside threats through a combination of HIPAA compliant design and unparalleled security protocols. 

Full Compliance with Security Rule Compliance

Failure to comply with HIPAA is simply not an option for a successful clinic, and that’s why MedicalCRM makes compliance a top priority. Our tools are fully compliant with 45 CFR Parts 160 and 164 – that means compliance with all administrative safeguards outlined under 164.308, physical safeguards outlined under 164.310, and technical safeguards outlined under 164.312.

Top-Tier AWS Storage and Security

A big part of MedicalCRM’s HIPAA compliance is our partnership with Amazon to host all of the data stored in your CRM on the highest-security AWS solution available. That means that in addition to having MedicalCRM in your corner, you’ll also benefit from the infrastructure of the world’s leader in data storage and the impenetrable security of their fully HIPAA-compliant storage system.

Regular Security Reviews and Penetration Testing

At MedicalCRM, we understand that security is not a static issue and that the new threats constantly emerging require unwavering diligence and constant reevaluation. As a result, we conduct regular security reviews to identify any areas in which we can reinforce or improve our overall security. We also regularly engage outside penetration testing to ensure that there are no gaps or blind spots in our own evaluation. The result is that you can always sleep easy knowing that MedicalCRM’s security is ready to combat even the most advanced and novel threats. 


For more information on how to integrate a new CRM platform into your clinic while maintaining full HIPAA compliance and protecting your patients’ sensitive ePHI, give us a call or fill out the contact form today to have one of our expert support staff reach out to you. The MedicalCRM team would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding compliance and data security, and we can also provide you with a full guided demonstration of the platform and the many valuable features it can offer your clinic. 

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