Introducing the Best Healthcare CRM
Introducing the Best Healthcare CRM – MedicalCRM

The healthcare industry has fully embraced digital systems, and streamlining the electronic storage, management, and transfer of patient records and data has become a top priority for both the industry and the government. With the rapid shift to digitization across…

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Inbound and Outbound Email from one Central Location
Why Do I Need Medical Scheduling Software?

Scheduling is unquestionably one of the most frequent and important tasks your staff handles on a daily basis. There are plenty of ways to handle it, and while most clinics have relatively good systems in place, many still use legacy…

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Speech Recognition
Common Uses for Speech Recognition in Medical Practice

Speech recognition technology has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t always accurate enough to be practical in high-stakes real-world environments like medical clinics. But times have changed, and advanced voice-to-text technology now offers a high degree of…

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Healthcare Payment Processor
Picking the Right Healthcare Payment Processor

Collecting co-payments, deductibles, and coinsurance payments directly from patients represent an important aspect of clinical operations. Those payments make up a large and highly important part of a healthcare organization’s overall revenues, and ensuring they can be collected with as…

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
The Ins and Outs of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

We live in a digital world, and from our home computers to our smartphones, and even our appliances, we spend our days constantly connected. In the medical world, that electronic connection is equally widespread and even more important, as it…

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Save Money in a Medical Practice
5 Ways CRM Software Can Save Money in a Medical Practice

Medical customer resource management tools are all about increasing clinic productivity and streamlining care delivery to ensure the best possible experience for clinic staff and patients alike. But in the process of accomplishing those tasks, advanced office productivity tools also…

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Text Message Appointment Reminders
Text Message Appointment Reminders – The Trend Taking the Medical World by Storm

Clear communication with patients is one of the most important jobs in any medical practice, and failure to do so can impact a clinic negatively in a variety of ways, including lost time and revenue due to no-shows. For that…

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Medical Payments
Medical Payments vs. Personal Injury Protection Insurance

Medical treatment isn’t cheap, and maintaining the right amount of insurance coverage to ensure treatment can be sought without breaking the bank is crucial. That insurance is especially important whenever accidents happen, as the costs associated with long hospital stays…

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HIPAA Explained – What This Important Regulation Means for Healthcare Organizations and Patients

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 – or HIPAA, as most of us know it – is legislation designed to protect patients. It does so by protecting patients’ sensitive personal information – the storage and transmission of…

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Healthcare CRM Software
What to Look for in Healthcare CRM Software

Customer resource management technology is enjoying wide-spread adoption across the healthcare industry thanks to the many benefits it offers to clinic staff, doctors, and patients alike. But picking the right CRM software represents a technological investment that clinics can’t afford…

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