Contactless Payments
The Best Way to Setup Contactless Payments in Your Clinic

If you run a clinic in the healthcare industry, then you should seriously consider ensuring that you can receive contactless payments. There are a number of important reasons for this, and the implications are probably more far-reaching than you realize….

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5 Changes in the Healthcare Industry to Expect After COVID-19
5 Changes in the Healthcare Industry to Expect After COVID-19

COVID-19 has already had a huge impact on the economy across the world. Countless industries have been affected in ways that we might never have predicted. Many others have been forced to adapt: to use smarter communication tools to continue…

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HIPAA – Our Commitment to Compliance
How to Be HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is designed to set a standard for sensitive data protection.  In other words, if you are a business that operates using any client/customer/patient database, you NEED to ensure that…

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Patient Relationship Management Software That Your Medical Clinic Needs
6 Features Offered by Patient Relationship Management Software That Your Medical Clinic Needs

Why Does Your Medical Clinic Need Patient Relationship Management Software? As a business that operates in the medical field, you have a much bigger responsibility than just regular businesses that operate in other fields. Your customers are also your patients…

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Healthcare Industry CRM
What Does CRM Mean for the Healthcare Industry?

Customer resource management technology has become ubiquitous across all industries in which maintaining healthy relationships with clients is the key to success. In the medical field, where patients are the customers, healthcare CRM platforms have enjoyed growing popularity as clinics…

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Payment Processing System
What to Look for In a Medical & Healthcare Payment Processing System

Whether it’s collecting copayments, deductibles, or coinsurance payments, a huge part of your clinic’s success is accepting payment from patients – and as quickly as possible, at that. Because any delay in payment represents inflation of your receivables and, in…

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Introducing the Best Healthcare CRM
Introducing the Best Healthcare CRM – MedicalCRM

The healthcare industry has fully embraced digital systems, and streamlining the electronic storage, management, and transfer of patient records and data has become a top priority for both the industry and the government. With the rapid shift to digitization across…

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Inbound and Outbound Email from one Central Location
Why Do I Need Medical Scheduling Software?

Scheduling is unquestionably one of the most frequent and important tasks your staff handles on a daily basis. There are plenty of ways to handle it, and while most clinics have relatively good systems in place, many still use legacy…

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Speech Recognition
Common Uses for Speech Recognition in Medical Practice

Speech recognition technology has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t always accurate enough to be practical in high-stakes real-world environments like medical clinics. But times have changed, and advanced voice-to-text technology now offers a high degree of…

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Healthcare Payment Processor
Picking the Right Healthcare Payment Processor

Collecting co-payments, deductibles, and coinsurance payments directly from patients represent an important aspect of clinical operations. Those payments make up a large and highly important part of a healthcare organization’s overall revenues, and ensuring they can be collected with as…

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