• Sync Google and Outlook for Office 365 calendar with MedicalCRM to enable editing and access from within the platform

  • Integration is simple and can be set up in a matter of minutes

  • Tie individual calendars to a master office calendar

  • Use permissions to enable office managers or front-desk staff to edit calendars for other staff members and doctors

  • Easily add meeting notes or documents to calendar events from patient accounts and vice versa

Calendar Management
Multiple Calendars

Manage Each Doctor's Calendar from a Central Source

Each individual doctor's calendar can be synced with the central office calendar and also manually edited from within the CRM. That enables doctors to manage their own calendars, appointments, and follow-ups without the clutter or confusion of having to sort through other doctors' items on the general office calendar. Relevant documents like notes, consent forms, and scanning imagery can be easily added to calendar items, and patient accounts can be easily accessed from within the calendar, enabling doctors to pull up the information they need quickly during consultations, appointments, and follow-ups.

Doctor Advanced Permissions
Advanced Permissions

Permission-Based Calendar Editing

Permissions can be set enabling users to edit other peoples' calendars, enabling office managers or support staff to keep all individual calendars accurate and up to date. The result is a reduction of the scheduling workload on your busy doctors, enabling them to focus their time entirely on serving patients and delivering treatments.

Automate Reminders
Don't Miss A Consultation Again

Automate Reminders for Patients and Doctors Alike

MedicalCRM enables your team to automate reminders for appointments and follow-ups so that doctors will be reminded of upcoming scheduled tasks just like your patients are. Reminders can be set automatically by default or added manually with just a few clicks, just as they are in the native Google and Outlook for Office 365 platforms. The result is that no appointment, consultation, or follow-up will ever slip through the cracks, ensuring prompt patient service and maximum patient retention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. Integrating your calendar couldn't be easier. It's an easy-to-follow codeless process that only requires you to enter your Google or Outlook account details into a set of straightforward form fields. With a few clicks, your account will be fully integrated with MedicalCRM, and you'll be able to handle all of your email and scheduling from within the system.

Absolutely. Appointments in your calendar are connected to the relevant client accounts, so that notes or documents added to calendar events will be automatically logged and will be fully accessible from within the client account as well as through the calendar.