Medical Software Company MedicalCRM Releases HIPAA Compliant Chat Client to Break Down Intra-Clinic Information Silos

Strong communication is one of the keys to success in essentially all fields, but in the medical field, clear and efficient transmission can determine the quality and appropriateness of a patient’s care – a potentially life and death situation. Traditional…

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MedicalCRM's electronic signature
Electronic Signature Revolutionizes the Patient Intake Process, Reduces Wait Times, and Improves Overall Patient Experience

There are a number of ways that clinics can benefit from customer resource management technology, from better communications to easier billing and payments. But one of the most useful features packed into advanced platforms like MedicalCRM is the ability to…

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Medical Speech Recognition Technology
How Medical Speech Recognition Technology Helps Doctors Update Patient Notes More Efficiently

Technology is changing the way we handle everyday work in all walks of life, and writing is one of the many common tasks that can benefit greatly from a little technological help. Speech recognition technology – software that accurately transcribes…

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Doctor Appointment
Automate Appointment Reminders with MedicalCRM’s Patient Appointment Scheduling Software

The importance of appointment reminders can’t be overstated, because up to 34% of patient visits are missed every year. Those no-shows are a waste of time, and, especially in the medical field, time is money. To ensure patients show up…

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HIPAA – Our Commitment to Compliance
MedicalCRM and HIPAA – Our Commitment to Compliance to Protect Your Clinic and Your Patients

MedicalCRM is designed specifically to streamline the operations of your clinic and to enable you to create the best patient experience possible. We act as a service provider, and as such fall under the “business associate” category of the Health…

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Collect Patient Copayments
Collect Patient Copayments Before Appointments Using Medical CRM Software

Copayments represent an incredibly important cog in the overall healthcare system. For insurers, they minimize moral hazard – a person’s tendency to increase their exposure to risk when insured. For your clinic, they represent the first source of revenue your…

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Patient Text Message Scheduling Software
Reduce Appointment No Shows with Patient Text Message Scheduling Software

No shows are a serious problem. One estimate puts the cost of no shows in the United States alone at 150 billion dollars per year based on a loss of $200 per unused time slot on average. That’s an astronomical…

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Improve Your Patients' Experience
Improve Your Patients’ Experience with Patient Appointment Scheduling Software

Scheduling impacts all areas of your clinic, and keeping the gears running smoothly is crucial to minimizing in-office stress among staff and doctors, ensuring important administrative tasks don’t slip through the cracks, and minimizing patient backlogs and clinic-initiated rescheduling. As…

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Introducing MedicalCRM
Introducing MedicalCRM: The World’s Premier Patient Relationship Management Software

In any good medical practice, the patient always comes first. Providing the best possible care and experience to patients – both in-clinic and out – is the priority of every doctor and every clinic, and it’s also the key to…

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