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Best Medical Practice Management Software Features

Practice management software is designed specifically to make your staff’s jobs easier, and your patients’ experiences smoother. But not all practice management tools are created equal, and some come equipped with more features than others. MedicalCRM is one of the most feature-rich patient management platforms available, streamlining all areas of your clinic’s operations, including patient management, scheduling, communications, document handling, and more.В 


Advanced Patient Management

Your patients are everything, and providing the best care possible to them is the primary goal of your practice. MedicalCRM includes an advanced patient management suite to make it easier than ever to do that. Each patient account acts as a digital chart, enabling you to link every piece of pertinent information possible to it, from appointment notes to medical imagery, to consent forms, medical histories, and even records of all phone calls and emails.В 


Complete Control Over Scheduling

Efficient scheduling is the key to an efficient clinic, to maximized revenues, and minimized cancellations and no shows. MedicalCRM scheduling tools cover all aspects of internal scheduling, enabling each member of the staff to have their own decluttered calendar, which can be viewed or managed alongside the master calendar through permissions-based editing. MedicalCRM also uses innovative SMS-based scheduling assistance to enable your patients to send their confirmations, cancellations, and rescheduling requests via text message.В 


Robust Built-In Communications

Clear communication between your administrative staff and your patients is essential to smooth scheduling and operations, and communication between doctors is key to delivering the best possible care. MedicalCRM includes a full communication suite that brings all of your clinic’s email, SMS, and calling into a single platform. An industry-leading power dialer replaces your existing phone system (and eliminates your phone bill), and the CRM even includes a fully-HIPAA compliant internal chat client, making it a true catch-all communication platform.В 


Unlimited Secure Document Storage

Every visit, every new patient, every procedure, and every day of operations means more and more paperwork. From consent forms to medical histories, imaging, visit notes, and beyond, every medical clinic is awash in paperwork. MedicalCRM makes it possible to digitize all of your paperwork handling, and unlimited, fully secure document storage means you can store everything right in the CRM without ever having to worry about running into storage caps or additional fees.В 


Patient Relationship Tools

Nurturing strong relationships with your patients is crucial, not only to ensure their comfort during visits to your clinic but also to ensure continued treatment and strong word of mouth referrals. But keeping up with the calls and emails from concerned patients can be a massive drain on your staff’s time. That’s why MedicalCRM includes an online patient portal designed to let your patients send their inquiries and requests into your clinic through a convenient customer-support style web portal. That makes it possible for them to send messages in at any time of day, and for your clinic to manage those communications more effectively.В 

The features listed here represent just a handful of the industry-leading tools included in MedicalCRM, which also covers everything from outbound marketing to billing and payment collection, to analytics, training, and more.

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