Automated Medical Billing

Automated Medical Billing with MedicalCRM’s Customer Resource Management Software

While you focus on managing your clinic and providing the best patient care possible, collecting copays, insurance payments, and direct payments from patients are key aspects of your administrative staffs’ jobs. Successful collection of those payments as quickly as possible ensures the financial health of your clinic, and as such, any tool that helps you expedite payments is extremely valuable to your practice. MedicalCRM’s billing and payments suite is just such a tool, and its easy-to-use invoicing and electronic payment processing tools make it easy for your staff to automate medical billing and collect payments faster than ever before.В 


Send Faster Invoices, Receive Faster Payments

Manually generating and sending invoices is time-consuming and inefficient. As a result, it isn’t uncommon for clinics to get behind on their invoicing, and delayed invoicing always means delayed payment. That has an extremely negative impact on your books, inflating your accounts receivable and decimating your cash flow statement. That makes it extremely important to get invoices out to your patients quickly, ensuring that they have all the details of their outstanding balances and payment options as early as possible.В 

MedicalCRM’s advanced billing and payments suite makes it easier than ever to invoice your patients because it automates much of the process. Invoice templates can be easily set up and branded, and from there, the system can automatically build invoices customized to each patient with just a few clicks. Those invoices can then be sent out via email from directly with the CRM, bringing the entire process into a single platform and streamlining the workflow to make your admin staff’s lives easier.В 


Provide Your Patients with Maximum Convenience

Once you’ve sent out invoices, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for your patients to settle their accounts. That means providing them with the convenience and the variety of payment methods that they demand. In the digital era, cash and checks have mostly gone the way of the dodo, and electronic payment methods are preferred by the majority of patients. As a result, it’s important to offer credit card and debit payments at a minimum, and ACH payments like e-checks and online bank transfers are also a good idea.В 

MedicalCRM makes it easy to accept digital payments thanks to its integration with Authorize.Net and the Paya network. These integrations enable you to easily accept all major credit cards and ACH payments via your website and even directly over the phone. Payments are completely secure thanks to MedicalCRM’s PCI Level 1 compliance, so your patients can always rest assured that you treat their sensitive payment information with the same respect and care as their protected health information. The ability to take secure electronic payments makes it as easy as possible for your patients to pay their invoices, and as a result, you’ll receive their payments faster than ever before.В 


The advanced billing and payments suite is just one of MedicalCRM’s many features, all designed to help your practice tackle the day-to-day operational challenges unique to the medical field. From better patient management to more effective scheduling, to better patient reminders, and beyond, MedicalCRM offers a host of benefits that make it the ultimate healthcare customer resource management platform. For more information on how MedicalCRM can help your clinic, visit to set up your free demonstration of the software today.


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