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Automate Appointment Reminders with MedicalCRM’s Patient Appointment Scheduling Software

The importance of appointment reminders can’t be overstated, because up to 34% of patient visits are missed every year. Those no-shows are a waste of time, and, especially in the medical field, time is money. To ensure patients show up and that clinic scheduling runs as smoothly as possible, it’s imperative that patients receive at least one, if not multiple timely reminders leading up to their appointments. Unfortunately, manually delivering those reminders is extremely inefficient, and the larger the patient roster, the more of your staff’s time reminders are going to eat up. Patient appointment scheduling software like MedicalCRM solves that problem by automating patient reminders across multiple channels, taking the busy-work burden of manual delivery off of your staff’s hands and reclaiming valuable time.В В 


Preschedule Automatic Email Reminders

Email is a great way to contact patients because it’s viewed by most people as non-intrusive. MedicalCRM’s communication suite includes an automatic email delivery system that clinics can easily use to schedule and send reminders. It essentially works the same way scheduling a promotional email would, except that rather than send a blast to an entire list, your staff can schedule one or more emails to go out to individual patients. The email schedule can be easily set upon appointment confirmation to deliver any number of reminder emails in intervals of your choice leading up to the date of the appointment.


Harness the Power of SMS to Supercharge Scheduling

One of MedicalCRM’s most innovative features is the use of SMS messaging to streamline scheduling and appointment management. Text messaging is the preferred communication method of a huge chunk of the general population, and the younger your patients are, the more likely they are to favor texting. MedicalCRM allows your staff to schedule text message reminders to go out automatically in much the same way they can with email. That set-and-forget functionality ensures that those reminders will go out without any manual intervention from your team. Best of all, if your patients need to reschedule or cancel for any reason, they can simply return a text to the scheduling system and take control of the process right from their own smartphones.


Streamline Traditional Telephone Reminders

Many older patients don’t regularly interact with smartphones or email, and in those cases, traditional telephone reminders are often the only way to effectively ensure appointment attendance. MedicalCRM can help automate much of that process too, ensuring that your staff can work through their calling list as quickly as possible. MedicalCRM’s power dialer enables your staff to set reminders for themselves to make calls if necessary, or they can simply preprogram their daily call lists in advance. Once a call list has been assembled, MedicalCRM can automatically work through the list with no-click dialing, moving on to the next call the second the previous call ends. In the case of non-answers, MedicalCRM offers voicemail drop, enabling your team to leave a prerecorded voicemail with a single click. The result is boosted efficiency in every aspect of calling, and the elimination of wasted time.В 


The productivity boost that MedicalCRM offers not just in sending reminders, but throughout the entire scheduling management process, is invaluable. Not only will it make your staff faster and more efficient, it’ll also help to ensure minimal no-shows and the lost revenues that they represent. If you’d like more information on how MedicalCRM’s advanced scheduling and communication suites can help your clinic, contact us today to arrange a free demo!

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