Why MedicalCRM?

Thank you for visiting us at MedicalCRM.com! If you’re reading this, you’re probably a doctor with your own practice or a medical office manager responsible for the day to day operations of a clinic. In either case, you’re probably here because you’re looking for a way to streamline your workflows, introduce more efficient practices, and, most importantly, help provide your patients with the best experience possible both in-clinic and out.

MedicalCRM is here to help, and our software is the ideal solution to help you accomplish all of these goals and more.

Welcome to MedicalCRM

Our Mission

At MedicalCRM, our mission is to improve and streamline all of the administration, communication, sales, marketing, and support functions of your practice so that you can spend less time managing them and more time doing what you got into medicine for in the first place – providing great care to patients.

About Medical CRM

MedicalCRM is the premier patient relationship management software on the market, utilizing the principles of customer resource management (CRM) to help your clinic improve profitability through streamlined operations and to provide a better, more personal experience for your patients.

From an operations perspective, the biggest problem facing clinics is that the enormous amount of administration, process management, and downright busy-work required to run a successful practice pulls doctors’ attention away from the patient care that must come above all else. Even with a great office manager and administrative team, the sheer volume of paperwork, calling, scheduling, billing, and general minutiae is enough to drown a practice.

That’s the main problem MedicalCRM sets out to solve.

We start out by revolutionizing your patient management practices, providing you with a highly organized, easily accessible database of individual files for each and every one of your patients, each serving as a type of electronic chart. Recording, storing, and accessing all the relevant data necessary to provide the best possible care has never been easier.

MedicalCRM is the premier patient relationship management software

Next, our platform changes the way your office operates. The full communications suite, including an industry-leading power dialer, brings all your calling, email, outbound marketing, and even text messaging into a single platform. That eliminates the inefficiency of managing multiple platforms and reclaims your staff’s time. MedicalCRM even has a fully HIPAA compliant internal chat platform that knocks down intra-office information silos and enables better communication between doctors and staff.

MedicalCRM also makes scheduling easier than ever, bringing all of your calendars into a single point of control, and allowing office managers and doctors to manage appointments and tasks far more efficiently than jumping from one platform to another. MedicalCRM even enables the use of SMS messaging to put appointment confirmations and rescheduling requests directly in the hands of your patients, making it more convenient for them and minimizing your staff’s workload. The result is not only more efficient scheduling but also fewer no-shows.

Scheduling isn’t the only way MedicalCRM benefits your patients directly. The built-in white-labeled patient portal enables your patients to send support requests and interact with your clinic even during off-hours when your staff aren’t available to take their calls or emails. The built-in eSignature functionality also enables your patients to easily fill out necessary forms, releases, and any other paperwork from the comfort of their own homes rather than in your waiting room. It all adds up to a more efficient clinic environment, meaning minimized wait times and happier patients.

MedicalCRM improves your billing and payments

On the financial side, MedicalCRM improves your billing and payments, minimizing outstanding accounts, reducing accounts receivable, and improving your clinic’s cash flow. The billing suite enables you to quickly generate individual customer invoices, create recurring billing schedules, and automate billing to ensure speed and efficiency. The electronic payment processing feature then makes it easier than ever for your clinic to accept credit card and eCheck payments in-office, on the web, or over the phone. You can even collect co-payments prior to appointments. MedicalCRM also offers automated bookkeeping, reducing manual data management, and streamlining your accounting.

With all of these incredible productivity-boosting features packed into a single piece of software, it’s clear why your clinic stands to benefit so greatly from employing MedicalCRM – the ultimate productivity and patient management tool.

Click here to book a one-on-one demo of MedicalCRM and let us give you a personal tour of our software and the many ways it can help your clinic boost profitability and enhance patient care and experience today!

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