Save Money in a Medical Practice

5 Ways CRM Software Can Save Money in a Medical Practice

Medical customer resource management tools are all about increasing clinic productivity and streamlining care delivery to ensure the best possible experience for clinic staff and patients alike. But in the process of accomplishing those tasks, advanced office productivity tools also help clinics cut their costs and increase profitability. MedicalCRM, the healthcare industry’s leading CRM tool, provides a number of save money benefits to users, ranging from time management to elimination of entire bills!


1) Reduce Overtime Costs by Reclaiming Lost Time

One of the best ways to reduce overtime costs is to significantly improve the efficiency of your operations during normal operating hours. MedicalCRM offers a number of tools to help clinics improve everything from scheduling to calling, billing, and beyond. MedicalCRM also brings all communications, marketing, and most other administrative tasks into a single platform, significantly streamlining workflow. The result is a more efficient use of employee time, more tasks completed during normal work hours, and fewer overtime hours required.В 


2) Kick Monthly Phone Bills to the Curb

MedicalCRM comes with a robust power dialer built right into the platform, eliminating the need for standalone phone lines and hardware. The power dialer handles all inbound and outbound calling and includes a full IVR system enabling call routing to specific extensions, even distribution among operators, custom hold messages, call queuing, and much more. That means MedicalCRM users can rely entirely on the included softphone and say goodbye to expensive monthly phone bills.


3) Gain a Deeper Understanding of Operations Through Advanced Tracking

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Reliable data is a key driver in identifying where inefficiencies exist and how they can be remedied in order to reduce operating costs. MedicalCRM is specifically designed to provide clinics with a deep well of advanced tracking and analytics, covering everything from website visitors, to calling, to billing and payments, and much more. With MedicalCRM, clinics can quickly and easily run reports on all tracked areas, generating more useful business intelligence than ever before and making better management decisions as a result.В 


4) Stop Paying for Third-Party Medical Transcription

Transcription of notes, either from recorded audio to useable text or from shorthand into standard English, is an important task in any medical environment. Most clinics and hospitals outsource their transcription, sending notes off to one of the many firms operating in a currently thriving medical transcription industry. MedicalCRM comes with a built-in speech-to-text transcription tool that accurately transcribes doctors’ spoken notes right out of the box, while constantly improving itself through use with advanced AI.В 


5) Reduce Paper Waste with Digital Documents

Healthcare is awash in documents. From intake forms to releases to test requisitions, and beyond, there is no shortage of paper being used, stored, and discarded. That paper isn’t free, and it isn’t cheap. MedicalCRM significantly reduces paper waste by enabling clinics to move to digital-only document handling in as many areas as possible. The built-in form library provides digital (and printable) versions of all the most important forms, and eSignature functionality means those forms can be sent out electronically and retrieved legally signed, all without ever using a single sheet of paper.В