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Patient experiences are the most important assets in your practice. Are you delivering a superb patient experience that people talk about? MedicalCRM is designed to improve every aspect of the patient experience from self-service appointment rescheduling to automating your pre-treatment billing. Our advanced patient management features will enable your staff to treat more people. Reduce missed appointments, patient stress and employee complaints.
Collect Patient Payments

Collect Patient Payments

Your patients are your priority, but your clinic is a business, and effectively managing your receivables, automatic billing, and streamlining the payments process is crucial to successful growth and profitability. MedicalCRM’s full suite of SMS-enabled invoicing and payment processing features enables your staff to create and send invoices easier than ever before, to set up automatically recurring billing schedules, and to accept electronic payments via major credit card and e-check in-office, online, and over the phone. Pending Invoice Pending Invoice
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Integrated Phone System

Effective communication is at the heart of all business, and it’s especially important in the medical field, where the consequences of miscommunication can be severe. MedicalCRM’s inbound and outbound phone system brings all of your calling, email, text messaging, and chat into a single HIPAA-compliant point of control, enabling your staff to communicate with your patients and each other more efficiently to deliver better healthcare. Record and periodically listen to phone calls to identify opportunities for improvement.
Medical Phone System
Medical Phone System
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Digital E-Signature Intake

Patient intake has been revolutionized by using electronic medical forms instead of pen and paper with a clipboard. Capture incoming patient information directly from your intake forms. Demonstrate that you are a leading practice using our cost-effective technology.
Digital E-Signature Intake
Digital E-Signature Intake
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HIPAA Compliant Chat

HIPAA Compliant Chat

Provide your employees with an easy to use HIPAA compliant chat solution. Employees loving being able to send and receive chats while practice managers enjoy the full audit trail provided by MedicalCRM. Encourage teamwork and collaboration while saving time and money.
Medical HIPAA Compliant Chat
Medical HIPAA Compliant Chat
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Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

We try to make your daily workload lighter, intorducing our speech-to-text feature changes all that tedious writing work by instantly and accurately translating your speech into usable text in any editable document!
Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition
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Medical Form Templates

Medical Form Templates

Preloaded medical form templates to make it faster and simpler than ever for your staff to customize some of the most common forms your clinic uses on a daily basis and to manage your clinic’s document library.
Medical Form Templates
Medical Form Templates
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Our Workflow

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Accept Payments

Doctors can send shortened links to patients via SMS to request payment of co-payments.

Phone System

Doctors can send shortened links to patients via SMS to request payment of co-payments.


Doctors can send shortened links to patients via SMS to request payment of co-payments.

SMS Scheduling

Doctors can send shortened links to patients via SMS to request payment of co-payments.

MedicalCRM's Unparalleled Features Streamline All Aspects of Clinic Management

Built-in Phone System

MedicalCRM's built-in dialer replaces your existing phone system, fully integrating your calling with your practice management software. Supercharges your clinic's calling with industry-leading features including:

  • One-Click Calling: Launch calls with a single click from inside any patient's MedicalCRM profile

  • Call Recording: Record and playback any call for superior quality control and employee training

  • Voicemail Drop: Save time by leaving a pre-recorded voicemail with a single click

  • Call Sheet Automation: Let the dialer automatically work through your calling list to improve outgoing call efficiency

  • Incoming Call Screens: Incoming calls automatically put the relevant patient data on-screen, so your staff can offer personal service from the second they answer

  • IVR Call Routing: Automatically spread inbound calls evenly among your front-desk and support staff

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Two-Way SMS Messaging

SMS messaging is the preferred communication medium for many of your patients, and sending important communications directly to their phones is a surefire way to ensure high engagement. MedicalCRM's SMS messaging application is fully HIPPA compliant and offers:

  • Outbound SMS: Easily send outgoing text messages to your patients right from your practice's main number

  • Inbound SMS: Incoming text messages from your patients automatically generate alerts so your staff will never miss a single one

  • SMS Appointment Automation: Give your patients the power to schedule, confirm, and reschedule appointments via text

  • High Read Rates: Text messages don't get ignored, making them a perfect way to communicate important information and appointment reminders

  • Easy Organization: All inbound and outbound text messages are logged to the relevant patient account, ensuring easy access to historical conversation logs

  • Missed Call Alerts: Automatically send texts to patients who miss your calls, ensuring follow-up

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Email and Schedule Integration

MedicalCRM brings all of your ingoing and outgoing email, including email marketing campaigns, into the CRM, streamlining your daily communications. It also integrates with your calendars to enable superior scheduling.

  • Gmail/Outlook Access: Integrate your Gmail and Outlook for Office 365 accounts and access your email accounts from within the CRM

  • Outbound Email Scheduling: Pre-schedule email to your patients to send automatically for follow-ups, newsletters, and more

  • Calendar Management: Full calendar integration means you can access, update, and manage any Gmail or Outlook calendar right within MedicalCRM

  • Easy-to-Use Templates: Easily create fully-branded outbound emails using MedicalCRM's built-in templates

  • Post-Op Email: Automatically send post-op emails to clients in pre-set intervals following a procedure or treatment

  • Appointment Reminders: Automatically schedule appointment reminders to be delivered at set times prior to appointments and treatments

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Electronic Billing and Payment Processing

MedicalCRM offers a full suite of billing and payment tools, enabling your team to spend less time sending invoices and chasing down overdue accounts, and more time on what matters – providing the best possible experience to your patients.

  • One-Time Invoicing: Easily generate one-time invoices using built-in templates and send them to your patients from inside the CRM

  • Recurring Billing: Set-up recurring billing schedules to automatically invoice patients in any interval you choose

  • Credit Card Payments: Accept all major credit cards through MedicalCRM's Authorize.NET integration using your own merchant account, with no extra fees

  • ACH/eCheck Payments: Accept ACH and eCheck payments through MedicalCRM's Paya network integration with no extra fees

  • Online and Telephone Payment: Accept payments both online or right over the phone, making it easy for patients to settle their accounts from home

  • Free Card Readers: Switch to MedicalCRM and receive a free EMV-compliant payment pad and a free mobile card reader compatible with tablets and smartphones

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Patient Support Portal and Helpdesk

MedicalCRM offers a built-in helpdesk that easily integrates with your existing support email. It also offers a fully-branded patient support portal that enables your patients to submit support requests for their questions and issues without having to inundate your office with phone calls.

  • White-Label Portal: The patient support portal is fully white labeled, meaning your patients will only ever see your branding, never ours

  • Automatic Ticket Generation: Set a customer support email in MedicalCRM, and all emails sent to it will automatically generate help tickets

  • Automatic Updating: MedicalCRM will automatically update ticket status and send out alerts as your staff move a patient support request through the resolution process

  • Peace of Mind: Provide patients with peace of mind by automatically keeping them in the loop as their support requests are handled

  • After Hours Communication: MedicalCRM's patient support portal enables patients to communicate their needs even when your office is closed

  • Unparalleled Service: The level of personalized service your staff will be able to provide while simultaneously reducing their workload will result in happier patients and employees

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Speech Recognition Technology

MedicalCRM is equipped with advanced speech recognition technology that enables you to supercharge productivity by creating notes and documents, filling out forms, drafting emails, and tackling data entry all completely hands-free.

  • Write up to three times faster with voice-to-text than by typing

  • Improve communications by using a more intuitive way to get your thoughts onto the page

  • Make data entry jobs like filling out long forms a breeze

  • Minimize rework by eliminating the human error associated with typos and mistakes

  • Streamline document creations on mobile devices with difficult to use on-screen keyboards

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